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There Is No Death:

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Sarah Menet was pronounced dead but she did not die. Her near death experience (NDE) is one of the most extensive ever recorded. Sarah not only visited the beautiful spirit world, describing the people, their dress, activities, and buildings; but she also visited what could be called "hell" and describes the torment of those committed to that terrible place. She also received answers to many questions such as:

Why are terrible things allowed to happen to good people?
Is there a purpose to life here on earth?
Why is it important to treat others with respect?
Is it important to be good?
Is there such a things as deja vu?
Is there such a thing as reincarnation?
What are some of the difficulties that may lie ahead for us on earth?

Sarah was also shown several future events. She saw tall buildings in New York collapsing amidst smoke and debris and people running years before 9/11. This was the beginning of other calamities which were to include a great plague suddenly striking several cities in the United States, a nuclear war and other devastating events.

This happened to her because Sarah, after a lifetime of abuse, difficulty and disappointment, had sought oblivion and death by attempting suicide. She found that it is always wrong to take one's own life, as it frustrates the purposes of life and brings on difficulty and penalty in the world beyond. However, she learned that there are different degrees of seriousness of such actions. She emerged from her experiences with a changed heart, released from the pain and bitterness of abuse and failure and willing to forgive herself and others, something that had completely escaped her before her experience.

"When the paramedics pronounced me dead at the scene of my 'successful' suicide, I had sought oblivion and darkness. Because of my horrific experiences in life, I knew that there was no God and therefore, no afterlife. And so, when I suddenly found myself watching the police and the paramedics work on my body from somewhere near the ceiling, I learned that I had been quite wrong..."

So begins the story of Sarah's extraordinary experience. It is without a doubt the most complete and extensive NDE ever recorded. Sarah not only visited the beautiful spirit world, describing the people living there, their dress, activities and buildings; but she visited what we call "hell" and describes the torment of those committed to that terrible place. She saw many things and received answers to many questions. Sarah was also shown many future events which would shortly happen upon the earth. One of the things she saw, which was to signal the beginning of those events, was some tall buildings in New York collapsing amidst smoke and dust and people running. She also saw a great plague suddenly strike four cities in the U.S., the start of a nuclear war, and many other things.


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