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    STRATEGIC RELOCATION:North American Guide to Safe Places

    Author: Joel Skousen
    Format: 320 pages, oversized
    Published: 2nd Edition, 2006. (New Expanded Edition)

    Book Description
    Strategic threats are defined as those threats which are capable of disrupting conditions on a national or international scale, where local governments will not be able to recur to other neighboring communities for assistance. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of all major strategic threats facing North American countries, and how to relocate around, mitigate, and/or avoid them. Areas are rated in detail according to these threats. Retreat strategies are presented for contingency planning even if one cannot relocate permanently.

    From the Publisher
    MUST READ if concerned about self-sufficiency issues. This is a great book for evaluating places to live in the U.S. Lots of thoughtful analysis, lots of maps and tables. To fully enjoy and benefit from his book you will need to be sympathetic to his distrust of the "common rosy view of life and people that others possess." There's lots of meat to this book... yet it is very readable. I like it more every time I read it. Lots of original research. This is NOT the kind of guy who would have allowed our Marines in Lebanon get blown up by a truck bomb. This guy thinks through the deep issues of safety and security. " is the inevitable tendency of all societies to slowly degenerate into dullness of conscience, insensitivity to higher moral values, and finally into general corruption of good judgment. The end result of this process is always the eventual death and destruction of individual societies, one or two at a time -- usually through the instrumentality of war, and sometimes through direct judgments of God."

    "WHY NORTH AMERICA? Neither Canada or Latin America offer the same degree of liberty... Australia is rapidly succumbing to the same socialist ravages and control mania of the Canadian variety... only time will tell if New Zealand is experiencing only a respite from its almost fatal dose of socialism... Asia is generally overcrowded in the extreme... Europe has a tarnished track record for safety and stability... too much cultural diversity in close quarters leads to near constant conflict, as European history has so amply demonstrated." Skousen believes that given the high number of nuclear and biological weapons floating around, it's just a matter of time before one goes off in an urban area. Regardless of where it happened, this would drastically change the safety of urban living. At that point there would be a mass exodus of "forward thinking" (but late) families out of the cities and suburbs and into the rural areas. If you want to get a head start (before the crowd) so you can sell your house at a reasonable price, then you should get this book. Skousen believes this military threat to some world's city to be a greater threat than Year 2000, or any other economic calamity.

    The criteria listed below are important for you to understand as they illustrate the orientation of Skousen to this issue of location. If you don't share his criteria... then don't get the book. If you do agree with his criteria... then GET THIS BOOK because the cost to gather the research and duplicate his tables and maps far exceeds the cost of the book. For example, one of his criteria is "low crime". His book includes such statistics. You can look up the crime statistics for any recommended county, for example. His book lists the recommended regions... and also the acceptable counties within various states. These recommended regions and acceptable counties are the great benefit of this book. You could combine the list of counties from this book with those of the Penturbia book . This book is more readable than the "Boom Counties" book but their orientations are completely different. This book is concerned for your safety and welfare, the "Boom Counties" book is concerned with buying land that will be more valuable 10 years from now. Suitable For: Concerned Americans who want to relocate to rural areas within the U.S. before any accidental nuclear or biological weapons disasters make city living irreversibly dangerous. Provides maps of the areas and tables of the acceptable counties.

    In today’s bookstores, it’s easy to find information about the "best places" to live. Such literature undoubtedly will concentrate on the positive aspects of life, such as numbers and ratings of golf courses, doctor/patient ratios, warm sunny climates, availability of cultural activities, status of educational institutions, and the growth potential of the local economy.

    But while these highly-rated metropolitan areas may offer ample opportunities to enhance your lifestyle, what happens when a major crisis strikes?

    What if:

    A labor crisis halts the inflow of food and business goods?
    Will these communities provide the basic necessities of life?

    An economic crisis that threatens your pensions, investments and other so-called "guaranteed" income?

    A major earthquake or other natural disaster suddenly upset the natural social order for months at a time?
    Could you get out of harm's way if massive social unrest erupts in the wake of a crisis?

    The area’s freeways are clogged during an emergency?
    Do you have contingency plans to exit the area?

    If the "unthinkable" happens—nuclear war? Or have you thought about the potential of a major terrorist attack on a U.S. city with chemical or biological weapons?

    It’s easy to dismiss these threats during times of peace and prosperity, but they are real. Not only that, but the probably of such events coming to pass increases every year. Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places is an in-depth analysis of North America’s safest places to live. This book will help you look ahead for potential threats that most other people fail to see or choose to ignore. It contains a complete discussion of the strategies and relocation contingencies that will help you avoid or mitigate each of the major modern threats, from national disasters to economic collapse to nuclear war.

    As a relocation expert, Joel Skousen also offers personal paid consultations for those who want advice on selecting land or working out special contingency retreat plans. He recommends that anyone interested in these services read the book first.

    Some Strategic Analysis:


    1. Miami, FL
    2. Baton Rouge, LA
    3. New York, NY
    4. Tallahassee, FL
    5. Los Angeles, CA
    6. Jacksonville, FL
    7. Gainesville, FL
    8. New Orleans, LA
    9. Little Rock, AR
    10 Jackson, TN
    11. Tampa/Clearwater, FL
    12 West Palm Beach, FL
    13. Baltimore/Washington DC, MD
    14 Albuquerque, NM
    15. Chicago, IL
    16. Dallas, TX
    17. Lakeland/Winter Haven, FL
    18. Charlotte, NC
    19. Pueblo, CO
    20. Fresno, CA
    21. Flint, MI
    22. Jersey City, NJ
    23. Kansas City, KS, MO
    24. Orlando, FL
    25. Riverside, CA


    1. Mexico City, Mexico
    2. San Francisco/Oakland
    3. Los Angeles basin, CA
    4. Anchorage, AK
    5. Seattle WA

    (there are several other primary targets not listed that are not near a major metro)

    1. Washington DC /and related bases (major command and control for the President)
    2. Colorado Springs, CO (Cheyenne Mtn Control Center, 2 space command/comm bases)
    3. Omaha, NE (secondary command and control bases)
    4. Seattle, WA (Trident Missile Sub base and numerous Naval Bases)
    5. Jacksonville FL/Kings Bay GA (Trident Missile Sub base, Major East Coast Naval Center)
    6. San Diego, CA (largest west coast naval complex)
    7. Norfolk, VA (major east coast naval complex)
    8. Kansas City, MO (Whiteman AFB, B-2 nuclear bombers)
    9. Cheyenne, WY (Warren AFB, Minute Man and Peacekeeper MX missiles)
    10. Great Falls, MT (Malmstrom AFB --Minute Man missiles)

    Now for some good news: Here are my current ratings for the TOP 10 MODERATE GROWTH, MEDIUM SIZED METRO AREAS that are relatively safe from strategic threats, or where you have a good chance of mitigating those threats. This are not the best areas, but the areas where most people who need to stay in the job markets will find medium term security:

    1. Boise, ID
    2. Provo-Orem, UT
    3. Beaverton, OR
    4. Santa Rosa, CA
    5. Greenville, SC
    6. Winston-Salem/High Point, NC
    7. Austin-San Marcos, TX
    8. Grand Rapids, MI
    9. Reno, NV
    10. Madison, WI

    For those of you on a tight budget, here are the TOP 10 MOST ECONOMICAL STATES to live. These ratings take into consideration overall taxes, housing, and cost of living. These ratings also exclude most large metro areas, where costs are much higher than the state average.

    1. Arkansas
    2. Alabama
    3. Louisiana
    4. Texas (except Dallas Metroplex)
    5. West Virginia
    6. Oklahoma
    7. South Carolina
    8. Mississippi
    9. Wisconsin
    10. Tennessee

    This doesn't tell the whole tax story since all states collect a lot of taxes. However, a person whose financial structure or income structure is different from the average person can take advantage of this by living in a state which doesn't tax his particular form of income or spending patterns. There are more details in my book, "Strategic Relocation"

    Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, New Hampshire (but has 5% tax on div/int) , So. Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming.

    Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon,

    Alaska, New Hampshire.

    In these states, you can live in a no income tax state and shop across the border in a no sales tax state: Washington/Oregon Wyoming/Montana So. Dakota/Montana

    As you can see, it can be rather enjoyable or frustrating doing this kind of analysis, depending upon where you presently reside. I hope you will enjoy the entire book, which offers many more areas of interest to analyze.


    First choice, December 5, 2006
    Reviewer: LW
    I purchased my first copy of STRATEGIC RELOCATION when it was first published in late 1998 and used the
    book extensively to travel and research my own major move and lifestyle change from a major metro area to
    a safer rural location. More importantly, in the years since then I have found myself rereading sections of the
    book as well as purchasing additional copies for friends considering a similar life change-this material is just
    as timely as when I first read it

    Read before you move, December 5, 2006
    Reviewer: Telemachus (Las Vegas, NV)
    Mr. Skousen's recommendations are meant to help us avoid situations like we saw during and (more importantly) after Hurricane Katrina. Foremost, of course, is where to live. This book doesn't list the best golf courses. It teaches you how to decide for yourself what is the best location. It teaches "strategic thinking" -how to analyze locations and potential threats. What dangers are people overlooking? Social unrest? Natural disasters? Martial law? This book also has insights that can help those of us who can't move yet but have to think about possible emergencies and options. "Luck favors the prepared" and the prepared have this book.

    Best of the Relocation Books Out There, May 28, 2000
    Reviewer: A reader
    Joel Skousen's book is the best of the relocation books out there. Others concentrate on the best retirement communities, the best recreation, all the "soft" stuff. Skousen's book exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly about every region in the U.S. and he presents hard statistics - lots of them! - to back up everything he says. He reveals where the true hidden dangers are while other authors either fail to do their research or simply don't want to discuss the topics - like where the first strike-targets are in a war - the way Joel Skousen does.

    Great book with helpful/understandable information., June 30, 1999
    Reviewer: A reader
    The author has done a thorough job researching his information and presenting it for the lay person to understand. He is not an alarmist, he just states his facts and gives many solutions which can be followed in full or part. His resource lists are very good. I have purchased items from his suggested vendor list and have been satisfied every time. A must read for the person who puts the saftey of his family first.

    What A Wake-Up Call!, May 25, 1999
    Reviewer: A reader
    The relocation research is excellent, and this book is packed with more truths than you'll find anywhere else! Unlike many other authors, Joel Skousen carefully documents everything he says. Do you wonder why things changed so drastically in America over the last few decades? Want to know what to expect next before it happens? Want detailed explanations for why certain events took place and why other biggies will occur soon? It's all here in STRATEGIC RELOCATION: NORTH AMERICAN GUIDE TO SAFE PLACES. The difference in knowing and not knowing the information in this book could save your life someday. Readers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying this book. If he's right about his forecasts for future events, those who follow his suggestions and prepare will come out way ahead when things turn ugly. If he's wrong, you still win because this book is loaded with expert advice that you're not likely to find anywhere else -- advice you can start putting to use today to protect yourself, your home, your family, your health, and finances.Thank you, Joel Skousen, for the wake-up call. Thank you for chasing away fears and telling us how to protect ourselves so we'll be safer in the future that already has storm clouds forming overhead.

    Mr. Skousen has done your homework for you, November 25, 1998
    Reviewer: A reader
    After spending countless hours on the internet and purchasing other relocation books, I could not find one that dealt with all of the issues I think we may need to deal with in the coming years. I do not agree with all of Mr. Skousen's future forcasts, and hope that several are wrong, but, I cannot find fault with his research. If I had this book 4 months ago, it would have saved me a lot of work and web browsing. As it is, I took Mr. Skousen's recommendation and located a property rated a 7, in his detailed analysis and bought it. I very highly recommend this book. Carmel in So. Calif.

    Best Book on safe locations ever written, October 24, 1998
    Reviewer: (Little Switzerland, NC) - See all my reviews
    I am a Realtor helping people choose safe locations in the US for what I believe are coming bad times due to Y2K and other factors. Mr. Skousen has done a masterful job of putting together all of the information needed to make a wise decision. I highly recommend this book. Terry Furnell, Switzerland Realty Little Switzerland, North Carolina

    Must reading for all concerned with our future as a nation, August 11, 1998
    Reviewer: A reader
    Must reading for individuals who want to make informed decisions regarding their future along with their family and loved ones well-being. This book compliments "Daybreak" by Mary Summer Rain, however, "Strategic Relocation" gives one the nuts and bolts of planning to survive in the years ahead.

    A practical home safety and relocation assessment aid., August 10, 1998
    Reviewer: A reader
    I thoroughly enjoyed the detail provided on all areas of the U.S. Mr. Skousen's life, background and knowledge provided a rich context from which he presented the pros and cons of various regions in our country. I was truly amazed at the amount of information crammed into the space in terms of population density, crime, and even radioactive air currents. Many of his suggestions for home safety fortification can be inexpensively implemented, and his presentation is low key. The only critism I have (and it's a small one) is the detail of his many maps was too small, or lack enough reference cities. I have re-read the book a number of times, and each time I find something I had either not noticed or thought of before. If a person could buy only one book on the subject of home/safety/location/survival, etc., this book is the best I have found.

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