Signs of the Times (Expanded & Revised 65 Signs)

Signs of the Times (Expanded & Revised 65 Signs)

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65 Signs of the Times and the Second Coming

Author: David J. Ridges,
Format: 220 pages, 6x9", paperback
Publication: November 2013

This is the 2013 UPDATED and REVISED version of "65 Signs of the Times"
Studying the signs of the times can instill fear and even panic. This is not the intent of God in giving them. Regarding these prophecies, the Savior instructed “see that ye be not troubled.”

In his latest book, Using the Signs of the Times to Strengthen Your Testimony, bestselling author David J. Ridges lists 96 signs of the times and provides a brief description of each, grounded in the scriptures and the words of modern prophets. Each sign is categorized as fulfilled, being fulfilled, or yet to be fulfilled. Ridges uses these God-given signs to strengthen testimony and bear witness that we indeed live in the marvelous and much-prophesied time when the gospel is going forth into all the world and the Spirit of the Lord is being poured out “upon all flesh” (Joel 2:28).

Use this book to strengthen your testimony and promote your own inner peace, stability, and happiness. You’ll see that this is a day of miracles—a prophesied day of spreading the gospel to all the world.


The return of the long-lost ten tribes, a new Jerusalem being built, heavenly messengers from beyond this life

It may sound like fantasy, but according to the scriptures, all of these things will really come to pass before our Savior comes again. In fact, these signs were designed by the Lord to alert true believers to his imminent return. The question is, Will you recognize the signs?

In this revised edition, David Ridges, author of the best-selling Gospel Studies Made Easier series, combines current events with ancient prophecy to illuminate how the signs of the times are already being fulfilled in our day. By carefully compiling his latest research and the words of modern prophets, Ridges presents these signs in a clear, easy-to-follow format, perfect for at-a-glance reference or more in-depth study. To help you understand them quickly, these signs are categorized as:

  • Fulfilled
  • Being Fulfilled
  • Yet to be Fulfilled

    The format is concise and makes it easy for the reader to see these signs of the times at a glance and get more information about each one as desired. A detailed explanation of the actual events which will take place at the Second Coming is also included.

    Readers will love the ease in locating a specific prophecy that they are interested in.
    “Signs of the Times” are prophecies given by the Lord to bear witness that the last days are here and that the Second Coming of the Savior will occur soon. As His return grows closer, more and more of these signs are being fulfilled.

Included is detailed information on the following subjects / prophecies..

Chapter 1. See that ye not be troubled
Chapter 2. The Last Days, an Exciting Time to Live

Chapter 3. Some Cautions and Observations
Chapter43. 96 Signs of the Times

New: A Man Named David will lead the Church

1. The Discovery of America and the Establishment of the United States of America

New: A Prophet named Joseph to be Raised up

2. The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon

3. The Restoration of the Priesthood and the Priesthood Keys

4. The Restoration of the True Church of Jesus Christ

New: Once Restored in the Last Dispensation, the Ture CHurch will never again be lost through Apostasy

5. The Church will be established i the Tops of the Mountains

6. The Church Will Fill the Whole Earth

New: The Civil War will start in South Carolina

7. Slaves Will Rise Up Against Their Masters

8. A Full End of All Nations

9. Scattered Israel will be Gathered

10. All Will Hear the Gospel in THeir Own Tongue

New: Righteousness and Truth will Sweep the Earth as with a Flood

11. The Church will be Brought out of Obscurity

12. The Name of Joseph Smith Will be Spoken of for Good and Evil in all Nations

New: Mother Earth will rejoice and finally be Free of Wickedness

13. The Lost Ten Tribes Will Return

14. The Full Times of the Gentiles Will be Fulfilled

15. There Will be much of Despair, Depression, Gloom and Doom, and Emotional Instability

New: In spite of Gross Wickedness and Spiritual Darkness upon the Earth, the Lord's Covenant People will be Preserved

16. There Will Be Extraordinarily Widespead Selfishness and Lack of Caring for Others

New: Couples will avoid marriage and Openly Live Together

17. The Mark of the Beast in Their Foreheads

New: Great Tribulation amoung the Wicked

18. Ever Learning, and Never Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth

New: Widespread Suppresion of Personal Conscience

19. The Jews Will Return to Jerusalem

20. The Jews Will Accept the True Gospel

21. The Prophet Elijah Will Come to Restore the Keys of Sealing

22. The Saints will be ferw in Number But the Power of God will be With Them.

23. Christ Will Come to His Temple

24. Genealogical Research and Interest in Family History Will Spread as Never Before

25. Dangers Upon the Waters

New: Widespread Despising of Good People (The Crab Principle)

26. Much Ecological Damage Will Occur in the Last Days

New: Various Forms of "Indulgences" will be in use

27. The Sun Will be Darkened and the Moon Will Become as Blood

New: The Church will become Well Known throughout the Earth

28. Diseases, Plagues, and Pestilences Will Sweep the Earth in Spite of Medical and
Technological Advances

29. Knowledge, Science, and Technology Will Increase Dramatically

New: The Weak Things of the Earth Shall Break Down the Mighty and Strong Ones

New: The Righteous Wise will have Extra Oil for Their Lamps

30. Wars and Rumors of Wars Will Become Normal Life

New: The Last Days Scourges of the Lord will Increase right up to the Second Coming

31. Famines, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Natural Disasters will Abound

New: Additional Scriptures will be Published

32. Strikes, Overthrowing of Governments, Gang Warfare, Violence, and Disrespect for
Authority Will Increase

New: There will be Widespread Disrespect for that which is Sacred and Holy

33. Sexual Immorality, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and Pornography will Abound

New: Much Bloodshed will Precede the Second Coming

34. The Disintegration of the Family will Bring Prophesied Calamities in the Last Days

35. The Spirit Will Stop Working with the Wicked

36. Peace Will be Taken from the Earth

37. Jerusalem Will be a "Cup of Trembling" to those who Attempt to Fight Against It

New: Many will claim that Miracles have Ceased

New: Miracles will Abound

New: Secret Combinations and Works of Darkness will Permeate Societies

New: People will deny the Power of God

New: Leaders of Churches and Teachers Rise Up in the Pride of their Hearts

New: Many will openly "Approve" Gross Sin

38. The Righteous Will Be Alerted by the Signs of the Times

New: Materialism will be Priority over Service to Others

39. People will Refuse to Believe Obvious Truth and Will Instead Adhere to Fables and

New: Many manifestations of Pride will cause Great Damage to Society

40. False Prophets, False Churches, and False Miracles Abound

New: Preachers will "Transfigure" God's Word for personal Gain.

41. People Refuse to Believe the Signs of the Times

New: New York, ALbany and Boston Destroyed, Unless

42. Some Will Fear That Christ's Coming is Being Delayed Too Long

43. There Will be Signs and Wonders on Earth and in Heaven

44. The Laminates Will Blossom as the Rose

45. New Jerusalem Will be Built

46. Many Temples Will be Built

47. A Temple Will be Built in Jerusalem

48. The Gospel will Flourish in Egypt and a Temple Will be built There

49. The Rainbow is Withdrawn

New: Some of the Very Elect will be Deceived

50. The Constitution Will Hang by a Thread

51. Destroying Angels Will Be Allowed to Go Forth Upon the Earth

52. The Abomination of Desolation will Happen Again

New: The Lord will Hasten [His] Work in its Time

53. Wickedness Will be Rampant

54. Babylon Will Fall

55. A Great Hailstorm Will Destroy the Crops of the Earth

56. There Will be a Great Earthquake Such as Never Before

57. Waters Will Flow from the Temple in Jerusalem and Heal the Dead Sea

58. The Battle of Armageddon

59. The Meeting at Adam-Ondi-Ahman

60. Two Prophets Killed in Jerusalem

61. The Mount of Olives Will Be Split in Two

62. The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man

63. The Righteous Will Be taken Up to Meet the Coming Lord and the Wicked Will be Burned

64. The Wicked Will Be Burned

65. Everyone Will See Christ When He Comes

Chapter 4. f Conditions Preceding Christ's Appearance to the Nephites and Conditions Leading to the Second Coming

Chapter 5. The Actual Second Coming of Christ

Chapter 6. How Good do You Have to Be in Order to Have a Pleasant Second Coming?

This item is a good reference piece to compliment your personal and family study of the scriptures and the gospel. This book is guaranteed to provide you with new insights on unfamilar topics and increase your understanding of God's plan.

Reader's comments....

"Very interesting reading, he manages to report the prophesies without hyping or doomsdaying them. He also settles alot of misunderstandings of scripture that plague people. Above all, you walk away understanding that tomorrow will come and if you live your life in a thoughtful manner, you will do just fine."

"There is widespread interest in the signs of the times. It is a marvelous and exciting time to be alive! "Signs of the times" are prophecies given by the Lord over the centuries which, when fulfilled, are designed to bear witness that the Second Coming of the Savior is getting close. Those who are aware of these prophecies will have their testimonies strengthened as these signs come to pass.. A brief detailing of the actual Second Coming plus events associated with it are also included. Finally, the author addresses the question, "How good do I have to be to have a pleasant Second Coming?"

"This is one of the most intriguing volumes ever published concerning the events leading up to the retrun of our Savior. The contents included in this book are very hard to find in any of the books currently printed and sold and are an invaluable resource to aid you in your personal study and preparation."

"An amazing collection of prophecies -- and their stages of fulfillment -- along with commentary by a noted gospel scholar."

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