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Title A Greater Tomorrow
Sub-title My Journey Beyond the Veil
Author Julie Rowe
Category Non-Fiction/Spiritual
ISBN 978-0-9960974-0-6
Size 6"x9" paperback 178 pages
Pub. Date May 2014


In 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse. While in a weakened state, her spirit left her body and entered the Spirit World. An ancestor named John greeted her and showed her many wonderful places there. He also allowed her to read from the Book of Life, which showed her a panorama of the earth's past, present, and future.

Julie saw the lives of many historical figures, such as Adam and Eve, Enoch, Noah, and Moses. She witnessed the Savior’s mortal life, including his crucifixion and resurrection. She also saw the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith, and the key events that have led to the Church’s growth.

Then Julie was shown upcoming world events that will be both tragic and glorious. She saw earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, plagues, and wars, but she also witnessed how the Lord is watching over His people and is preparing places of refuge to protect them from the coming calamities. Julie was filled with joy as she saw the Saints establish the New Jerusalem and other Cities of Light in preparation for the Savior’s Second Coming.

Prior to her return, she was told that at a future time she would be expected to tell others about her experience. That time has come.

As you read Julie’s experience, your life will be changed as you feel the Lord’s love and concern for each of us.


The Day I Left My Body

It was September 28, 2004. I was hospitalized for a variety of health issues, with the verdict still out as to what exactly was causing my various symptoms. I had partial paralysis on the left side of my body, migraines, mood swings, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, waking seizures and a few fainting spells. I also suffered from severe memory loss and cognitive impairment.

The labs that came back indicated something was seriously wrong with my liver and other organs. I had elevated liver enzymes so high that doctors didn’t believe me when I repeatedly told them I’d never taken any alcohol, drugs or anything else to cause this imbalance. To top this off, I had not slept for several nights straight.

September 28th was also the day my spirit left my body. This was the day that I “went to the other side.” I had the very real experience of visiting beyond the veil in the Spirit World. That world is right here on earth�just in another realm of sorts.

This was a day I will never forget; a day which for many years has brought me memories of intense pain, as well as inexplicable joy beyond measure. This was the day I was met by a very kind older gentleman, John. He is one of my distant ancestors.

John told me I was welcomed there and could stay for a little while, but that it was not yet my time to die. He told me that in time, I would need to return to my mortal body. He told me there were some things he needed to talk to me about and that he was going to show me pertaining to my life�past, present, and future. He told me that after I was shown these things, I needed to go back to my life on earth.

John explained that I would be given further light and knowledge about God’s plan for me and my family. He told me that I would be shown many things pertaining to me and my family, and some of my future mission in life. He explained that I would be shown some things that would also affect many of God’s children here on the earth.

How does one explain what it is like to visit the Spirit World? I think that is a very good question. My first thought in response to that question is, “Seeing is believing.” There are truly no earthly words available to be able to describe the feelings of peace, love, calm and warmth I experienced while there. It was all encompassing. It was as though every fiber of my being resonated this love, peace, safety and security.

The closest thing I can even compare it to here on earth is the feelings I get when I am in one of the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The next closest feeling would be the love I have oft times felt from my family and loved ones multiplied thousands of times over and over again.

According to hospital records, I was in the hospital for five days, the first two days of which I “was asleep.” It is during these two days, while “asleep,” that I was given the blessing and privilege of visiting beyond the veil. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to see and visit with many of my ancestors who have passed on. I was also given the opportunity to meet several other amazing individuals, some of whom have been well-known throughout history.

Let me back up a bit. I feel it is important to give a little more background information into the circumstances I found myself in prior to going to the hospital. I had felt “out of sorts” during the few weeks prior to my hospital stay. My husband Jeff and I were going through a great deal of stress in our lives at the time. I had been experiencing severe migraine headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and a few other symptoms, but due to unemployment, I did not feel we had the money for me to see the doctor.

A little over a week before I went into the hospital, Jeff’s grandfather had passed away. Due to our tight finances and having three very young children at home, we determined it was best that I stay in Kansas with the kids while Jeff drove out with his parents to Idaho for his grandpa’s funeral.

While he was away, each of our three young children came down one right after another with a flu bug. I was up several nights in a row and around the clock taking care of sick children. At ages 5 years, 3 years, and 8 months old, they were very needy. It was an extremely exhausting experience for me taking care of all three sick children on my own. In addition to trying to care for our children, I also came down with the illness myself.

Normally, I would have called my in-laws or another family member for help, but everyone that lived nearby was out of town for the funeral. All of my family lived out of state. We had not lived in the Kansas City area long, and I did not want to burden anyone else, or possibly get them sick as well.

Having been up multiple times during the night with sick kids, and then at the very tail end of that being so sick myself that I could not keep any food or water down, I was left feeling very weak mentally, emotionally and physically. I ended up with a huge migraine by the afternoon of the third day.

I finally gave in and called a friend. I asked her if she would come over to help me take care of the kids so that I could lie down. She kindly came over and spent the afternoon and early evening tending to the children so I could rest.

Sleep would not come. The migraine was so bad that I was disoriented, had blurred vision, experienced numbing and tingling in the left side of my face and body, and was so nauseous that I began to throw up several times. I was dehydrated, but could not even keep water down.

As I tossed and turned in the bed in pain, having never felt such physical pain in my life before, I asked my friend if she would please call two elders from our church to come over and give me a blessing. Thankfully, I was given a wonderful blessing of healing and comfort.

I immediately felt my headache subside, my nausea lessened, and I was able to relax enough to rest a bit. I felt much better, but I still felt very out of sorts and I felt a strange sensation, particularly in my forehead in the frontal lobe area. The numbing and tingling sensation continued for awhile, but eventually stopped.

Jeff came home late that night, after having been gone at the funeral all week. He had no idea about what had occurred while he was gone. I did not want to worry him or add to his burdens, so at the time, I did not fully tell him of my ordeal.

He had missed our little family so much, and by the time he got home he was so excited to see us and to play with the kids, that I did not want to spoil the fun reunion. I told him that we had all gotten a flu bug, it had been a “rough few days” and that I “was not feeling well,” but that was about all I said at that time.

That night I went to bed feeling completely overwhelmed and knowing that I needed medical assistance. It was a long night, to say the least. I tossed and turned and felt as if I was in and out of consciousness.

I dreamed I was in a hospital emergency room and that I was very ill. I dreamed of specific people in the emergency room: my husband, my father in-law, a few of my brothers-in law, my home teacher, my bishop, and one of the counselors in our bishopric. I dreamed of various nurses and doctors who were there talking to me and my husband. They were inquiring and trying to understand and figure out what exactly was going on with my body. I dreamed I was admitted to the hospital. I saw myself in a few different hospital settings getting CT scans, MRIs, lab work done, interviews with nurses and doctors, and so on.

I also saw in my dreams anguish and pain in the faces of Jeff and other loved ones. They were all very concerned about me. I saw my children crying for me, sad that I was not home with them. I saw my mother-in-law in our home caring for my three precious babies and struggling to care for my nursing daughter.

It was heartbreaking. The little bit of sleep I got that night was restless, and when I awoke, I felt a sadness and weight that is hard to describe.

I had an emotional day and I prayed for understanding and clarity to know why I had dreamed what felt like such an awful experience. I was given very real comfort, and feelings of peace came to me that I will forever remember. I had very strong impressions come to my mind. I was essentially told that all would be well and not to worry about what I had seen in my dreams. God was aware of me and my family and He would take care of me and of us.

I tried to explain to Jeff what I was feeling and some of what I had dreamed. He was of course very concerned, so he did his best to care for the children. He sent me to lie down upstairs in our bedroom to try to get some rest the following afternoon. I had never felt so tired in my life.

I went upstairs to lie down and finally get some sleep, and as I felt myself falling asleep, the strangest sensation came over my body. I felt disconnected. The veil became very thin and all around me I could see I was surrounded by the most beautiful women, all wearing white.

I say they were beautiful because although they were of varying shapes and sizes and most were elderly in their years, they absolutely beamed with light which surrounded them and filled my room with a radiance I had never before seen.

A few of them I recognized as relatives who had passed on. They were watching over me with great care. Seeing them there and feeling the disconnection going on in my body between my spirit and my body, I was afraid to go to sleep. I was afraid I would not wake up. I was afraid I was dying. I was very anxious and did not know how to explain to Jeff what I was seeing and feeling.

Every time I dozed off to sleep, I would feel my spirit start to leave my body. It took all of my mental effort and physical strength to keep myself from “floating away.” So I would get up out of bed, make my way downstairs to where Jeff was tending to the children, and try to explain to him that I couldn’t go to sleep right then. He continued to encourage me to go back upstairs and go to sleep. Every time I attempted to do so, the same thing would happen.

Eventually, I went down stairs and collapsed on the living room floor. Jeff of course became even more concerned. He took my temperature and brought me water to drink. I immediately threw it up. I finally fell asleep there on the floor for some amount of time, I do not know for how long. Once again I started dreaming of the hospital scenes.

That night and the next day my sickness continued, with increased vengeance and additional symptoms. I was in torment. Eventually I had difficulty walking due to a partial paralysis on my left side, being light-headed and fainting a few times. The tingling and numbing sensation in my head and extremities increased and continued. My left side began to tremor, and my right arm stiffened and drew up tight toward my body.

Again I was given a priesthood blessing, this time by my husband. I do not remember much about what he said, although I do remember very specifically that as soon as he started to pray, the tremors in my body immediately stopped. I felt a warmth come over my entire body from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. It was accompanied by a warm tingling feeling that could best be described as a very real energetic power or influence which completely enveloped me. It felt almost like someone had put a warm blanket over me.

Jeff immediately called his parents and they came right over. He and my father-in-law each took an arm and carried me to the car. My mother-in-law stayed at our home to care for our two boys and baby girl.

We drove to the hospital and I was completely out of sorts. I was confused, disoriented and speaking nonsense. Although things in my body were in complete chaos, and the experience was stressful and intense for my husband and family, I was happy and grateful to finally be going to the hospital to get the help that I so desperately needed.

We went straight to the emergency room. After a time, they found a room for me. They asked me questions, and then asked Jeff and his dad some questions as I was admitted. They tried to get an understanding of the circumstances that had brought us to that point. They did their best to assess the current situation and to discern what was going on with my mind and body.

Time went on, and the room began to fill with people. The scene began to play out just as I had seen it in my dreams. I recognized that this was occurring, and because of this, although I was out of sorts, I felt a peace and calm about the seemingly dire situation. The Lord had tried to prepare me and I recognized that everything was going to be okay.

The veil was still very thin for me. Not only was the room full of doctors and nurses coming and going, the individuals I had seen in my dreams began to arrive one at a time as well. Additionally, there were many from the other side who were there keeping watch and who were intervening in my behalf.

Spirits from the other side were coming and going. It was a very busy hospital room. I felt them. I smelled them. I sensed them. In some cases, I saw them. Some visitors from the other side were there the whole time, while others came and went, only staying briefly. I was continually reassured. My fears and anxieties were calmed by the very real presence of some of my loved ones who have passed on from this mortal existence.

When one speaks of guardian angels, or ministering angels, there is absolute truth in this. Although I did not know or at least don’t remember most of those who came and went that day, I do know they were all familiar to me. It was as if I remembered them from another place and time. They were family. They were friends. They loved me and they had been given responsibility over me.

I do specifically remember some of my relatives from both my mother’s side and father’s side of the family. My gramps (grandfather on my father’s side), my grandma Susan (my mother’s mother who had passed away shortly after giving birth to my mother), my grandfather on my mother’s side, my Aunt Verde and Uncle John, (my mother’s aunt and uncle who had taken care of she and her twin sister after Grandma Susan had passed away shortly after childbirth), and the same group of older women who had been in my bedroom the previous days.

I felt loved and I felt very happy, despite the circumstances. I felt bad though, that the mortal friends and family members who had come to help were worried and very concerned about me.

I very clearly remember seeing the look of pain and worry on Jeff’s face, and on the faces of those present. The events that transpired in that emergency room are still so clear to me I could easily describe them in great detail in terms of who was there, what was going on, and the level of intensity that was felt by all present. Out of respect and sensitivity for those who were there that day, I will refrain from going into any more detail about this experience. Suffice it to say, it was a very difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved.

I was admitted to the hospital, and they asked me if I would like a wheelchair. I said no, and that I would be fine to walk. Jeff helped me walk down the corridor of the hospital and into the next area. Again came more questioning. We filled out and signed more paperwork, and then due to the circumstances, they gave me medication. One of the medications they gave me was a sleeping pill.

A nurse took me to my hospital room located just outside of the nurse’s station. I said my good-byes to Jeff, feeling relieved yet saddened, to see the look of complete exhaustion, concern and worry on his face. I sensed his pain and it was all I could do to let him go. I felt awful that I was responsible for causing him or anyone else pain or concern of any kind.

I did not want to be a worry or burden, but I knew that it was all out of my control and that for whatever reason, God had not only allowed this to happen to us, it was actually part of His plan. In His kindness, He had blessed me with a tender mercy and had given me a “heads up.”

As I fell asleep, I could still see those from the other side watching over me, and I felt peaceful. Right before I fell asleep, one of the nurses came in to check on me. I clearly remember what she looked like, and I remember she asked me if everything was all right. I answered in the affirmative, and she left the room.

I was left alone in the hospital room, with ministering angels taking care to see that I was comfortable and okay with what was going on around me. As I closed my eyes, all but one older woman (from the other side of the veil) left the room. The last thing I remember, I was singing myself to sleep to the hymn, “The Spirit of God.”

I started to dream. In this dream I began to see scenes from my life played out. After some time, I don’t know for how long, I awoke briefly. I was disoriented and confused. I didn’t completely remember what was going on or why I was in the room. I began to feel the same sensation I had felt previously at my home when I had attempted to sleep. This time, however, I was so relaxed from the medication that I did not fight it.

I felt my spirit rise up out of my body. I found myself standing next to the bed looking down at my motionless form. I looked out the window and into the night sky just as the sun was beginning to rise. I felt my spirit slowly rise toward the ceiling of the hospital room. I rose higher and higher . . .


The Lake

Within what seemed to be just a matter of minutes, I found myself in the middle of a beautiful field filled with the most brilliant green grass I have ever seen. Gorgeous flowers surrounded me, and I heard beautiful melodic music. I was surrounded by beauty everywhere I turned.

I was soon met by an older gentleman with blond hair and blue eyes who introduced himself as John. He told me he was one of my ancestors, and that he was there to help me. I immediately recognized him as someone I knew, but I could not tell you exactly who he is or how I came to know him. I do know that he is a ministering angel and one of my many guardian angels.

He is the same man who gave me the “tour” beyond the veil that I am about to share with you, and who also for years had shown me things in my dreams. He continues to be an important person in my life. Since 2004, I have continued to have dreams about present and future circumstances, and he is often the messenger who teaches me during these experiences.
I recognized his voice. I would recognize his face if I saw him again in real life, but for some reason, I do not remember ever being told who he is exactly. Apparently it is not something I am supposed to know right now.

I walked with John across this beautiful field, and we came upon the most incredibly beautiful lake. It was crystal clear and of a silvery blue color that sparkled in the bright sunlight. We stood together on the shore, and John encouraged me to gaze into the water.

In the lake I could see all manner of fish swimming around. There were varieties I have never before seen on this earth. There were varieties of every kind in several different sizes, shapes and species. The lake was so clear but so deep that it went beyond my vision and I could not see the bottom�as if it went on and on forever.

The water was seemingly alive, and the fish and other organisms that lived in this lake were full of energy and intelligence. I felt as if they were communicating with me. I could sense that they too felt the love and peace that I felt.

It quickly became apparent to me that every living thing, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the animals�all that I saw�were able to communicate with me and with each other telepathically. There was a feeling of true joy and completion emanating from the water and from the intelligences within and all around me. It was exquisite.

John talked to me for a while on the shore. He asked me, “Do you know where we are?”
“I don’t know for sure,” I responded.

He asked me what I saw when I looked in and at the lake. He talked to me about the Lord’s plan for me and for his children, specifically about the fact that I was there in the Spirit World for a brief visit, and that the Lord had a plan for me. It was not yet my time to return to the Spirit World permanently.

He drew my attention to my patriarchal blessing and asked me what I remembered about it and what it said. We discussed that topic for quite a long time. He specifically reminded me about covenants I had made in heaven before being born, as well as ones I had made on earth.

We talked about what had happened to my body and why I was so ill. He told me that although Satan had gone to great lengths to try to hurt and destroy me, that ultimately the choice would be mine. He said the Lord would take even the very wicked acts of others and turn them for my good. I asked him questions about my life, and why Satan and those who follow him would even want anything to do with me.

We had a conversation by the lake for awhile, but I don’t know for how long because time in the Spirit World is different than time here on the earth. Eventually we sat down on a large log near the lake, underneath a very large tree.

The tree looked somewhat like a Willow tree, but it was not a Willow tree. I asked John about the tree and specifically asked if it was some kind of Willow tree, since I had never seen a tree like that before. John told me it was a tree not found here on the earth. He added there were many of the Lord’s creations found in the Spirit World that were not on the earth, including trees, shrubbery, flowers, animals and other of God’s beautiful creations.

During this conversation, John explained some of this and more to me. It was as if my eyes were opened up to various scenes in which I was shown some of these creations. There were flowers that were of the most vibrant and beautiful colors and varieties, far more than what are found on earth and visible to the human eye. There were lakes, rivers and streams, and gorgeous mountain views. I heard the most incredibly beautiful music. It was all very breathtaking.

It was as if every living thing was full of love and peace and such exquisite beauty that I do not have the earthly words to describe how they looked and felt to me. It was all encompassing. I felt as if I was enveloped in this love and I felt the very real healing power that comes from having and being surrounded by the pure love of Christ. I thought many times about how much I loved being in this place, and how although I greatly loved my husband, children and friends and family on earth, I felt such gratitude, joy and peace in this place, that I never wanted it to end. I felt the healing power that came with all of what I was experiencing, and I wanted it to last forever. The thought of leaving and going back to my sick body was more than I could bear.

John sensed my thoughts. We were essentially communicating through thought, so it was as though he was able to read my mind and I was able to understand his. Each time I would have the thought that I did not want to leave, John would redirect my attention to some of our previous conversation and would then continue sharing more with me about God’s Plan of Happiness. He was very gentle and kind, but very firm with me regarding the importance and need for me to listen carefully to him and to focus not on what I wanted at the moment, but more importantly, about what I knew was right.

He talked to me about the love Heavenly Father has for me and for each of His children. He reminded me of the pre-existence and I was shown scenes from my premortal life, and some of the roles I played there.

I was shown the War in Heaven, as well as various scenes that have played out on earth throughout the history of mankind. John reminded me about the story of my birth and the difficulty my mother had while pregnant with me.

We talked about this for quite awhile, and I told him that I remembered some of what had happened. I confessed that in my life I had often missed our heavenly home and had questioned why I had even been born.

I asked John why I had been born to the parents I was, to the home and family I had grown up in, and why it was that I had experienced certain trials in my life.

I was very specific about several of them, and he gave me very clear answers on many things, but on some topics he simply said, “In the due time of the Lord you will know all things.”

True to my normal personality, I continued to ask more and more questions, and he kindly answered me on most things. When I “pushed to far” and had difficulty understanding completely or did not feel I had been given a sufficient answer to a particular question, he would very firmly but kindly tell me that I had been shown or told what I needed to know for now and that I just needed to relax and learn to trust the Lord. I was impatient. I wanted to know everything right then and there, and I wanted to know for myself, for sure, that I was on the right path.

I expressed my fears and insecurities. I told him of my concern I had about where I stood with God and whether or not I was living up to my foreordained mission. I expressed my concerns about mistakes I had made in my life, and my desires to repent and be clean and pure before my Heavenly Father. He reassured me that in due time, I would learn more about my life and my standing before the Lord.

Several times John had to tell me that I didn’t need to fear, that the Lord loved me very much and that He wanted only what was best for me. He counseled me to trust him, and to trust the Lord. He explained more about the Plan of Salvation, the great Plan of Happiness for all of God’s children. This was the purpose of life on earth. He asked me again to be patient, to slow down, and to listen.

We discussed how Heavenly Father had presented a plan for his children to return to Him. Heavenly Father knew we could not progress unless we came to earth to learn, and grow and be tested. We needed to leave our premortal home to be tested and gain experience.

John reviewed The Plan with me. He talked about the Grand Council in Heaven, and how it was decided that we would come to earth to gain bodies. We talked about the importance of the resurrection and how the Savior Jesus Christ had made it possible for all of mankind to be resurrected. He said that through our faith and obedience to the Lord’s commandments, we could be saved by the power of the Atonement.

John reminded me that the Lord had provided the earth for us as a place where we could prove ourselves. We were given agency to choose good or evil without the influence of the memory of living with our Heavenly Father. This was a necessary part of the plan, so that we could learn to obey Him because of our faith in Him, not because of memories or knowledge of Him. The Lord promised that He would help us to recognize truth when we heard it again on earth.

John also talked to me more about the purpose of life and of our progression. The Lord wants us to have joy.

Some would be deceived, choose other paths, and lose their way. We would have trials in our lives and would experience hardship, pain, sickness, disappointment, sorrow and death. We would also experience great happiness and joy.

Jesus Christ had been chosen and foreordained to be our Savior. Because our Heavenly Father chose Jesus Christ to be our Savior, Satan had become angry and had rebelled. There was a war in Heaven. Satan and his followers fought against Jesus Christ and His followers. The Savior’s followers (all those who have and will come to the earth and inherit mortal bodies), overcame Satan and His followers by “the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11).

John reminded me that agency is an eternal principle, and that when we choose to live according to God’s plan for us, our agency is strengthened. Choosing the right increases our power to make additional correct choices. The more we follow the Lord’s commandments, the more we improve and gain strength and wisdom. This increases our faith and we begin to find it easier to make right choices. As we obey each of our Father’s commandments, we learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge. Our character is strengthened, our faith increases, and we become more like Him.

Even though we have the agency to choose our own actions, we cannot choose the consequences of those actions. The consequences follow, whether they are good or bad, as a natural result of the choices we make (Revelation 22:12; Galatians 6:7).

We were clearly taught and understood that these trials and tribulations would give us necessary experience and would eventually be for our good. If we allowed them to, these difficulties would teach us to be better, stronger, more patient and loving people. We were promised that the Lord would not allow us to be tempted beyond our power and ability to resist (Corinthians 10:13).

I was reminded that when the Plan of Salvation was presented to us in the premortal world, we were so happy that we literally shouted for joy (see Job 38:7). Heavenly Father provided a Savior to pay for our sins and to teach us how to return to live with Him again.

As is taught in the scriptures, Christ was willing to come to the earth and give His life for us. He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for our sins. Like our Heavenly Father, He knew it would be necessary for us to come to earth and have agency so that we could choose for ourselves whether we would be obedient to our Heavenly Father’s commandments.

Satan, on the other hand, wanted to force us all to do things his way. He did not want us to have agency and to be able to choose for ourselves. His plan was to take our agency away. He sought the honor and glory for himself.

Satan rebelled against God and persuaded many others to follow him. He refused to listen to our Father and to follow God’s plan. Refusing to follow God’s plan brings sin, and sin brings bondage (John 8:34; 2 Peter 2:19).

At one point in our conversation I found myself wishing I could stay in the Spirit World, but John told me he was going to show me something of great significance. He directed me to follow him, and within a matter of moments a scene opened up before my eyes. I was shown what was currently going on at home with my husband and three children.

To my utter dismay, I saw Jeff kneeling at our bedside sobbing and praying to the Lord. He was in anguish. I could literally feel his pain and it broke my heart. He was crying to the Lord in desperation. He was seeking comfort and understanding and begging the Lord to help him, to help our children and family, and to help me. He was asking for answers and pleading with the Lord.

I later saw Jeff pacing the floor anxiously as he talked on the phone to family members. He was trying to explain the best he could about what was going on with me. I saw his parents in our home, doing their best to support and comfort him, and to help him care for our three young children, especially our 8-month-old baby girl who was still nursing.

Our two sons, ages 5 and 3 at the time, missed me greatly, but they were also having fun with grandma and grandpa there. They could sense however, that dad was not doing very well, that their baby sister was upset, and that things were tense and stressful. Our daughter was crying almost non-stop and seemingly uncontrollably. She was hungry, tired, and angry, and she was upset that I was not there. She missed her mom and she wanted to nurse. She was refusing to eat.

This scene was so heartbreaking that this moment became a turning point for me. I realized how much my husband and children really loved and missed me, and how much they needed me. From that point on, I no longer wished to stay in the Spirit World. I quit fighting it and I began to relax and have a desire to return to earth . . . eventually.

It was agreed upon that I would willingly go back to my body, but only after I was given a “tour” and was able to learn and see more for myself what really happens in the Spirit World.
John and I continued to visit for a little bit more. I was shown various scenes from my life in years past, as well as scenes that would happen in my life in the future. I continued to ask questions, and John would answer them. He was very patient and understanding.

I again expressed my fears about returning to earth to my sick body, knowing that I was in for a rough time and that there would be many trials associated with my health. John comforted me several times, and he reminded me that all things would be for my learning and good.

He told me that there would come a time in my life, in approximately nine earth years, when I would need to write and tell my story. I agreed to do so. He told me that it was part of God’s plan for me to write about what I had been taught and shown, and that my message would be one of light and love. He emphasized the need for me to focus on the positive aspects of my experience, and the importance of why I had been given these particular trials and experiences.

It was made clear to me that although I would go through several years of sickness, pain, and great adversity, the Lord would be with me as I sought Him. It was made clear to me that in due time, I would be led to the right people and God would open up the way for this message to come forth and to be shared with more of God’s children. It was made very clear to me that Heavenly Father loves all of His children equally and that He wants each of His children to return to Him. I saw I would be part of a greater work in helping God’s children come to Christ and to find health and healing.

I was shown there would be specific people who would come into my life at the right times, and that some would be there to teach me, others to help in my healing journey, and that there would be many who would seek healing of their own. A key part of my mission in life going forward into the future would be to serve others and to help them “Open their Hearts.”

It was made clear to me that once I returned to my body, I was to work diligently to seek answers and to do my best to find those who could help in my healing. I, in turn, would one day become a “healer” myself, serving those who were seeking answers. This brought great comfort to me and added to my courage to be able to return to my body when the time came. My attitude changed, and I eagerly agreed and looked forward in anticipation.

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