Times of Turmoil 3 - Days of Fury

Times of Turmoil 3 - Days of Fury

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Days of Fury

Series: Times of Turmoil, Book #3
Author: Chad Daybell
Publication Date: August 25th, 2015
Format: 6 x 9, Perfect Bound
Pages: 160


Christopher's Comment...
This is Chad's newest series, and zero's in on TENT CITIES!
If you liked his last series (Standing in Holy Places) and are looking for more reading with a very clear "Tent Cities, Places of Refuge and Cities of Light" theme, you are going to love this one!

Chad has clearly put all he has learned about this subject into a very entertaining and captivating fictional storyline of just how it "Might" play out in the very near future.

And for those of you who are LDS-AVOW members, pay close attention for a few "Cameo" roles of some of your favorite forum members!


” . . . then will the Lord arise and come forth out of his hiding place, and in his fury vex the nation.”
-Doctrine and Covenants 101:89

As this volume begins, members of the LDS Church are coping with the U.S. government’s implementation of martial law and the aftermath of the Salt Lake City earthquake.

Many Saints have found refuge and safety at mountain camps, but many others are coping with other natural disasters and civil disturbances that continue to plague the nation’s cities.

Meanwhile, a convoy of United Nations peacekeepers is making its way to Utah to assist in the full invasion of the United States by the Coalition forces, which will spark World War III.

Within these events, members of the Foster and Shaw families face seemingly insurmountable obstacles as they travel northward to help establish a new temporary headquarters of the Church. Miracles happen, lives are saved, and the veil becomes thinner as these Saints prepare to fully establish Zion.

Days of Fury, the third volume in the Times of Turmoil series, gives readers an exciting close-up look at the prophesied events that must occur before the Savior’s Second Coming.


SNEAK PEAK, Chapter 1.

Days of Fury Introduction and Chapter One


The Enemy Approaches
As this volume opens, the citizens of Salt Lake City are trying to regroup after a major earthquake has damaged the entire valley and caused widespread flooding.
Aaron Shaw has made his way from the National Security Agency’s Data Center near the Point of the Mountain to the home of Elder Bushman, an LDS Church leader who Aaron has corresponded with for several months about the NSA’s latest spying efforts. They will soon leave Elder Bushman’s home and attempt to reach Temple Square.
Meanwhile, Nathan Foster and his new wife Marie have reunited with Marie’s mother Carol and Nathan’s half-sister Denise at a camp near Wallsburg, Utah. Nathan is aware that all maintenance missionaries have been asked to return to Salt Lake, and the four of them plan to depart Wallsburg soon.

Nathan’s father Garrett is in Nevada as part of the United Nations’ peacekeeping force that he joined while in California. He is seeing firsthand the negative effects of the Coalition’s newly imposed oil embargo on the United States.

The first outward signs of a national economic collapse are being manifested as prices rise and more companies shut down. Major riots and gang warfare are blossoming across the nation. Commerce has essentially ceased, and food and water have become prized commodities.

In Washington, D.C., mobs have continually rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol Building and the White House. The citizens blame the federal government for the crisis. The U.S. president has addressed the nation and has promised that he is doing everything possible to resume the oil shipments, but his words ring hollow.

The leaders of the Coalition nations are watching these developments from afar and intend to provide their U.N. peacekeepers with additional troops. Within days, thousands of Coalition soldiers from several countries will begin to “put things in order” in the United States through any means necessary.

The Coalition knows the time has come to turn up the heat on America. War is on the horizon.

Chapter 1
U.N. peacekeeper Garrett Foster stood in front of the main entrance to the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite, Nevada. He and another soldier kept their rifles pointed at a crowd of people who were angrily shouting to let them into the building.

“We’re starving out here,” a woman cried. “We know you’ve got some food inside!”

The temperature on this early October day was approaching an unseasonably hot 95 degrees. The city’s power was out, and the hope of finding an air-conditioned building was merely a dream. Garrett quickly wiped the sweat from his eyes before putting his finger back on the gun’s trigger.

Garrett was sickened at the sight of the lifeless bodies of six men and three women lying between him and the crowd. Ten minutes earlier the horde had rushed forward, but he and the other guard had stopped the attackers in their tracks with a burst of gunfire. The corpses now served as a stark reminder to the unruly crowd against trying that tactic again. As the group’s hunger increased, though, their courage to rush the building seemed to be growing as well.

Garrett thought of U.N. Commander Klopov’s grin at the announcement of the nationwide oil embargo a few days earlier, but even Klopov hadn’t anticipated the surge of animalistic panic the news had provoked among the residents of southern Nevada. The people were still rebuilding their lives after a direct hit by the Great Storm, and the bad news about the embargo had pushed many of them over the edge.

The past two days had been a series of unholy, unthinkable¬† events that made Garrett cringe to even think about, and he hadn’t slept for more than a couple of hours since then. The U.N. convoy had left Las Vegas the same day as the announcement of the oil embargo. They had intended to reach St. George, Utah by evening, but they soon learned the highway through the Virgin River Gorge had been destroyed by an earthquake. The convoy had no choice but to stop in Mesquite.

When they arrived in Mesquite, the city was still fairly calm, but within hours it was overrun by people who had driven out of Las Vegas to escape the violence that was escalating there. Some people had purposely followed the U.N. convoy, hoping that it would lead them to food and shelter. Others were simply fleeing anywhere else to avoid the chaos that had filled Las Vegas.

At first, Mesquite’s casinos, restaurants, and gas stations had tried to be accommodating to the crowds, but they soon ran out of supplies. The people then moved into the city’s residential areas asking for help, but they were rebuffed by the citizens. Battles had broken out in the streets, and gunshots still filled the air even as Garrett stood his ground in front of the casino.

Garrett’s radio suddenly crackled to life.
This is Commander Klopov. Return immediately to your vehicle. We are moving out in ten minutes.

The soldier standing beside him gave a glance. “Is he serious? Why would we leave?”

“Because Klopov knows staying here is pointless,” Garrett said. “The people are already moving into a ‘survival of the fittest’ mode. This is going to get really ugly.”
The pair moved away from the entrance, and Garrett shouted to the crowd, “Go for it!”

The anxious group hardly hesitated, stepping over the bodies strewn across the casino entrance. It quickly turned into a surge of humanity as dozens of people rushed into the building.

“This is going to end badly for everyone,” Garrett said. “I’m glad we’re getting out of here.”
Garrett and his partner hurried to their transport vehicles in the far corner of the casino’s parking lot. The transporters were surrounded by peacekeepers who didn’t hesitate to fire shots at any civilians who got too close.

Garrett saw Commander Klopov standing with a few other soldiers near the lead vehicle. The Russian leader motioned for Garrett to come to his side. They had become friends over the past few weeks, and Klopov had come to trust Garrett’s advice, especially about traveling through the western United States.

Klopov looked him in the eyes and said, “The Coalition leaders want us to secure the NSA Data Center near Salt Lake before they begin their full-scale invasion in a few days. But I told them the Virgin River Gorge is blocked, and it might take us longer than expected to get there. Do you know another route?”

Garrett remembered a trip he’d taken many years earlier. “Highway 91 could get us to St. George,” he said. “It was the main route before I-15 was built. I’m sure the road was damaged by the earthquake, but with our vehicles we should be fine. There’s a town up ahead called Littlefield. That’s where we can connect with the old highway.”
“I trust your judgment,” Klopov said. “Let’s go.”

The U.N. convoy soon departed, and some foolish citizens tried to hitch a ride on the vehicles. Garret averted his eyes as his fellow soldiers fired numerous deadly shots at them until the few remaining survivors got the message and dropped to the ground.

The convoy traveled north on I-15 until they reached Littlefield, where an incredible line of cars blocked the freeway. The traffic jam went all the way to the massive bluff a few miles ahead that contained the impassible Virgin River Gorge. The drivers had simply abandoned their cars and walked back toward Littlefield.  Hundreds of exasperated travelers were now loitering in the streets, arguing with each other on how to solve the situation.

The citizens all seemed to spot the U.N. convoy at the same time as it came to a halt at the end of the traffic jam. Garrett clutched his rifle more tightly as the crowds of frustrated people closed in around the convoy. Suddenly Commander Klopov’s voice rang out from a large speaker mounted on his vehicle.

“Stay back! We are on a special U.N. mission and cannot be delayed. I repeat, stay back! Anyone who gets in the way will be eliminated.”

The people stayed clear as Klopov’s lead vehicle cut through the barrow pit, crossed the westbound freeway lanes, then went down a slope onto a frontage road in order to reach Highway 91. Klopov’s driver didn’t stop for anything, pushing a few cars out of the way as he went, and even crushing a white Geo Metro that was blocking his path.
The other U.N. transporters followed his path and headed north, but as they passed through Littlefield a man jumped onto the side of Klopov’s vehicle.

A shot rang out, and the man crumpled to the ground with blood spreading from his lower back. The man screamed out in agony, and Garrett felt sick inside. He was still disturbed by the violent, cold-hearted approach of his fellow “peacekeepers.”

The U.N. convoy soon left the hungry masses behind and drove through the night along the highway. They sometimes saw other travelers on the side of the road who had run out of gas. These people would wave frantically as they begged for help, but Klopov didn’t even glance at them.

The convoy didn’t reach St. George until morning, due to extensive earthquake damage to the road. The city seemed like a ghost town compared to the chaos in Nevada. Garrett guessed that most of the Mormons were long gone, and everyone else was wise enough to stay hidden in their houses.

They got onto St. George Boulevard heading to I-15. Garrett looked for the St. George Temple, because he was afraid the building would attract Klopov’s attention. However, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. All he saw was shimmering redrock hills in the distance. The temple should have been clearly visible on the right side of the freeway. He couldn’t understand how that magnificent white edifice had disappeared.

Garrett took one more look to the right, and this time to his surprise he could see the temple standing prominently in the center of the city. After a few seconds, it vanished again. His heart burned within him that God had created a mirage to hide the temple from the U.N. convoy.

“I really am on the wrong team,” he muttered.



Author’s Note
In my previous series, Standing in Holy Places, I shared the experiences of three fictional families as they prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The main purpose of that series was to give an overview of possible events we all might face in the coming years, and the novels covered several different story lines.

There were many times I wanted to slow down the pace and explore certain characters and scenes in greater detail, but I knew I needed to move forward with the overall series outline. Otherwise, the five-volume series could easily have expanded to ten or more volumes, and I wouldn’t have completed it for several more years. I felt it was important to reach the series’ finale in a reasonable time frame so readers could enjoy a satisfying conclusion.

With this new series I can now take readers back to the setting of The Great Gathering, the first volume in my previous series. In many ways, the global events described in that novel have already begun, and other key moments are fast approaching. The United States’ economic situation has grown markedly worse since I wrote that book in 2006, and now I’m able to add many details that have emerged since that time.

Also, if you’ve read The Great Gathering, you’ll notice similar scenes in this novel. This is because the same national events happen as they were portrayed in the previous series, but from the perspective of these new characters. In other words, both series take place in the same “universe” although the main characters from the two series don’t interact with each other.
I want to emphasize that this is a work of fiction and the scenes involving Church leaders in particular are from my own imagination. I currently serve as my ward’s Scoutmaster, and I certainly don’t have any secret contacts or information concerning high-level meetings involving General Authorities. Those scenes are meant to move the storyline along and shouldn’t be taken as factual. Besides, the novel is set in the future and those meetings wouldn’t have taken place yet anyway.

I firmly believe the prophet’s call for the Saints to gather to refuges of safety will come within a few years, but I don’t feel that even the prophet yet knows the month or even the year it will happen. The call will likely come based on conditions in the United States, which aren’t necessarily set in stone and can be altered based on the righteousness of the nation’s citizens.
In this novel, the prophet’s call for the Saints to gather together comes on a nice spring day, but in reality it might very well come in the middle of winter after a major snowstorm. The Lord has tested the faith of his Saints throughout history, and this might be another one of those times. I’m hoping for a sunny day, though.

Unlike the Standing in Holy Places series, which was structured around major prophesied events and had a pre-determined number of volumes, this one is more open-ended. I don’t know how many volumes there will be in this series, and in many ways the story lines will be shaped by the events taking place around us. I suppose I will continue to write until the major events in the novels start becoming reality!

Thank you in particular to my wife Tammy and my children, as well as everyone who has given me encouragement and support over the years. I truly appreciate it!

Chad Daybell


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