Prophetic Statements on Food Storage

Prophetic Statements on Food Storage

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Book Description
Prophetic Statements on Food Storage for Latter-day Saints has one promise when it comes to food storage—peace of mind and how to earn it.
Author Neil H. Leash has drawn together the messages of LDS General Authorities given to the Saints concerning the essential need for food storage in preparation for tribulations. He focuses on "crystallizing moments"—sudden events that radically changed mankind’s actions and directions during the past century—and shows that similar events can be expected in the future.

"The degree of our preparation will equal the extent of our obedience, which will determine the measure of our peace of mind," writes the author. He shows that prophetic warnings and promises, both past and current, clearly show that many Saints are not prepared for emergencies.

In addition to answering questions such as "Where should Latter-day Saints live during times of tribulation?" and "Should we share our food storage?" this important book offers a brief review of monetary history, comments on the human factors of economics, and basic food storage quantities. In no other single volume can you get prophetic guidance that gives you the basic principles of food storage and helps you gain for yourself and your family the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

Table of Contents

Dedication, 9
Acknowledgments, 9

1. Editor's and Publisher's Foreword, 11
Anticipate Physical Needs: Store Food, Clothing, Fuel, 12
Anticipate the Danger of Economic Upheaval: Be Free from Debt, 14
Anticipate Communication Disruption: Make Long-range Emergency Plans, 15

2. Author's Introduction, 17
The Saints Are Grateful for Food-Storage Counsel, 17
A Commandment We Can Fulfill, Completely and Perfectly, 18
A Dream Worth Contemplating, 18
A Major Calamity Would Demonstrate Our Degree of Obedience, 20
This Book's Objective: To Awaken a Burning Desire unto Action, 21
The Goal: An Obedient, Prepared People Who Put the Lord Before Self, 22

3. Life-Shaping Moments Alter the Course of Our Lives, 24
The Significance of Most "Defining Moments" Usually Is Unrecognized Until Later, 26
Inspired Guidance Needed to Avoid Potentially Disastrous "Moments in Time", 26
Prepare for Earth's "Saturday-Night Bath", 27
"If Ye Are Prepared, Ye Shall Not Fear", 28
Not With Fear, But With "Urgent Calm", 32
The "Food Storage Window in Time" May Be Fast Closing, 33

4. Some Insights on Following a Prophet, 34
The Purpose of Prophecy, 34
Evaluating Our Individual Responses to the Words of the Prophets, 35
Receiving the Counsel of the Prophets, 38
Not a Matter of Choice Without Consequences, 40
Recent Disasters Have Pre-tested the Food Storage Plan, 40
The Lord Will Eventually Leave His People Without Excuse, 41

5. Lessons From Church History on Preparedness and Obedience, 43
The Expulsion of the Saints from Nauvoo; the Journey Westward Begins, 43
Surviving in the Salt Lake Valley: 1848, 45
Hardships During the Expansion into Other Mormon Settlements, 48
Counsel on Food Storage During the Pioneer Era, 49
Counsel on Food Storage During and Following the Civil War, 53
Prophetic Counsel During the Final Quarter of the Nineteenth Century, 57
Counsel on Food Storage in the Twentieth Century: 1901-1950, 59
Counsel on Food Storage: 1951-1980, 61
Counsel from Prophets During the Last Two Decades, 67
Warnings from other Modern Prophets, 69

6. A Prophet Discusses Concerns for the 21st Century, 73
A Newspaper Account of Typical American Life Today, 74
The Need to Set Our Homes in Order, 76
Other Prophets Also Have Cautioned Against Debt and Extravagance, 81

7. Prophetic Statements About Events Preceding the Second Coming of Christ, 84
An Overview of General Signs of the Times, 84
The Saints Need to Be Righteous and Ready, 87
Prepare for an Acceleration of Calamities World-Wide, 89
A Year of Disasters-1998, 92

8. The Preparedness Responsibilities of Local Church Leaders, 95
The Need to Prepare Before the Days of Tribulation, 95
Priesthood Leadership Is Essential, 96
The Church Has Consistently Set The Example, 96
Instructions To Priesthood Leaders: They Are Also to Set an Example, 96
How Should Priesthood Leaders Proceed?, 97
Family Preparedness: Cornerstone of the Church Welfare Program, 99
Priesthood Leaders Assigned the Task of Teaching Preparation, 101
The Church's Capacity to Feed Members Is Limited, 103
Priesthood Leaders to Teach, 104
Individual Responsibility, 104
Relief Society Leaders' Responsibilities, 106

9. The Saints Are Not Prepared, 111
The Message of Surveys and Studies, 111
Economic Downturns Show Too-heavy Reliance on Fast Offerings Funds, 113

10. Where Should Latter-day Saints Live During Times of Tribulation?, 117
The Stakes Are to Be Places of Refuge, 117
Every Nation Is the Gathering Place for Its People, 119
Live Where You're Directed to Go by Personal Promptings, 120

11. Should We Share Our Food Storage With Others?, 122
Plan in Family Council Meetings, 122
Care for the Needs of Your Own Family, 123
Be Willing to Share With Others, 124
Sharing in Times of Need Brings Unity and Strength, 126
Lessons from Holland About Sharing, 127

12. To Disbelievers and Those Who "Almost" Believe, 132
The Possibilities of Man-made and Natural Disasters Are Endless, 132
Can Food Storage Serve as a Protective Shield?, 134
Our Attitudes and Actions Will Shape Our Fate, 135
Warnings of Approaching Wars and Tribulations, 136
We Must Choose to Either Accept or Reject Prophetic Council, 140
The Stumbling Block of Pride, 142

13. Food Storage—An Act of Faith, Obedience and Devotion, 146
By Simple Acts Great Things Are Brought to Pass, 146
Did the Lord Reduce the Requirement to Accommodate Our Reluctance?, 147
Are We Willing to Be "Minimal Saints"?, 148
Only Hurting Ourselves?, 149
Being Slow to Hearken, and Beguiled by the Tempter, 149
The Greatest Test May Be Prosperity, Not Poverty, 151
We're Asked to Live in a State of Obedient Preparation, 151

14. Summary of Food Storage Recommendations-1840's to 1990's, 153
Year-by-Year Recommendations, 153
Bishop Jack West's Story, 156
From a 1977 Food Storage Fireside in Sacramento, California—A Bishop's Effort to Prepare, 156
Obtain Land For Gardens, I60

15. Some Observations on Financial Readiness, 162
The Human Factor in Economics, 162
The Economic Cycle, 162
The Inevitable Results of Financial Euphoria, 164
Real-Life Tragedies Resulting from Monetary Catastrophes, 165
Comparative Depreciation Scale of the Mark: 1919 to 1923, 165
The Story of One Family in Germany After WW I: An Economic Collapse, Germany-1923, 166
Russia, 1998, 167
Count the Costs, 171
The Dangers of a Precarious Economy, 172
Things That Are Hard To Hear, 174

16. Conclusion, 175
A Time to Prepare, 175
What Would the Lord Have Me Do Today?, 176
Attitude—Difference Between the Wise and the Foolish, 177
Zion Shall Escape If We Are Obedient, 179
Take Decisive Action Now!, 181
Righteousness, Obedience and Preparation, 182

Bibliography, 185
Latter-day Saint Scriptures, 185
Latter-day Saint Historical Sources, 185

Suggested Food Storage for 12 Months or Various Age Groups, by Gender, 187

Index, 189

About the Author, 192

About the Author
Neil H. Leash has lived a life filled with broad and varied experiences that uniquely qualify him to compile this particular work and commentary. He has served in a multitude of Church assignments, including callings as a Bishop on two occasions, and as a counselor in a Stake Presidency, service as a High Council member for decades, and as an Elders Quorum President, Seminary teacher, and in numerous other stake and ward auxiliary positions. In each of these callings he has had the responsibility to study and apply the teachings of the Prophets, including those related to food storage and personal and family preparedness. Brother Leash received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from California State University, Sacramento, and retired in 1993 after 34 years as a Supervising Probation Officer. Born and raised in Oakland, California, he was called at the age of 19 to serve as a missionary in the Eastern States Mission. Upon his return he served as an Army Medic during the Korean War, and shortly before discharge he married Velma D. Carraway in the Mesa Arizona temple. They are the parents of three children and reside in San Andreas, California.

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5 out of 5
Tiffany Spence
Location: Texas
Date: January 5, 2017
This is the best book, on a food storage. Truly educates you on why it really is so important, and leaves you inspired and excited to get started or to finish! The Author was truly inspired and lead by the Spirit on this one! Can't recommend it enough!
I found it to be
5 out of 5
Date: January 24, 2015
I found it to be a very very good reference. Some of what the author writes I do not agree with because my life experiences are totally different than his and i was involved in several counter terrorist activities overseas and several wars. None the less the book is excellent and EVERY Mormon should have copy!!!!