Roger K. Young interviews Sarah Menet

Roger K. Young interviews Sarah Menet

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With Roger K Young and Christopher Parrett.�
July 2009.�3.5 hrs long. �

Roger K. Young and Christopher Parrett talk with sister Sarah Menet (author "There Is No Death") in a private one-on-one interview about things of interest that were left out of her best selling book concerning her near death experience.�

Topics discussed are the relationship between light and life, living water, animals, judgement, the light within us, our life review,� communication in the spirit world, insects, plants, the heavens opening like a scroll, learning/books/food in the spirit world, deja vu, time & time viewing (past and future) in the spirit world, listening to spirit voices, evil and conspiring men and the current food supply, word of wisdom, a glimpse of the punishment of hell,� the love of the Savior, the importance of foregiveness, preparing for what is coming, the great future famine & society collapse, the cities of light, the Utah & other earthquakes, swine flu and vaccine, the anti-Christ and his helpers, the chip, the future persecution of the Church, the coming civil race war, and other topics.

This is a single "Long-Play" double density DVD with 3.5 hours of material on it.
It is fully compatible with all home DVD systems, and requires no special hardware.

Some members of Roger K. Young's GRI organization may have seem some or all of this as played in the private forums on AVOW.
This DVD has been made available at the request of more than 100 of those viewers who asked to be able to view it again at their leisure to spend more time gleaning additional value from Sister Menet's comments.

Those of you who are fans of sister Menet's unique insights into our world will find this interview FILLED with additional material given in a most informal setting.


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