Zion's Refuge: The Collapse (WS5)

Zion's Refuge: The Collapse (WS5)

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Zion's Refuge.
The Collapse (Volume 2)

Author: Roger K. Young
Publication Date: May 2013, 1st Edition, 1st Printing.
Format: 6 x 9, 280 Pages
Perfect Bound, Paperback

This fictional series follows several fictional characters as they experience, first hand, the events of the last days, leading up to and including the gathering of the righteous, the miracles, wars and destruction of the last days, the places of refuge, the changes in the earth, the great false prophet, the building of Zion, the great Holy City, the rapture, the 144,000, the Boys from the Mountain, the attack & defeat of the invading armies into America, the return of the lost ten tribes, the return of the Savior in power and great glory, the final destruction of the wicked which is the end of the world


Sneak Peak



Northern Montana,
Near Glacier National Park

Current Year


When it finally happened, it shook him more than he had expected.

Luckily, Jared had prepared for this moment and had rehearsed his reaction many times in his mind. The thing that worried him was the call itself. He still didn’t know who the voice belonged to. “My guardian angel, if you believe in that sort of thing, or Tom.” Only it wasn’t a voice that he recognized.

The male voice had simply said, in a Southern drawl, “They’re coming, get out now,” and the line had gone dead.

He pondered over the questions in his mind, “Who had made this call? Who arranged it?” He thought through the very short list of possibilities and came up with only one answer.

It had to be her.

A smile came to his lips for a minute at the thought that she had somehow arranged the warning in her mysterious way, and then a shiver went up the back of his neck.

“How did they find me?’

He reflected on the pain of having her cut the special chip out of his shoulder six weeks earlier, and involuntarily flexed his shoulder and arm at the memory.

It was a foolish gesture, trying to feel an object that was no longer there. And even when it had been there, as it had for so many years, he couldn’t feel it. That was one of the features that made the chip so dangerous: You forgot it was even there.

The thought of it caused him to tense up. He was 44 and getting too old for this kind of adventure, but, then he thought, “Forty-four really isn’t that old.” Then he remembered the old Indiana Jones line, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

“That’s me,” he thought with a slight laugh. “Too many miles. I should be dead by now anyway.”

He had to take just a moment to calm himself and focus on the task at hand before he started moving. He had learned long ago that hasty action without focusing had the possibility of ending with any variety of bad results � including, but not limited to, a very violent death in his line of business.

He wished they would just leave him alone. That was the original goal when he had gone into hiding. Focusing, the mental checklist he had prepared for just this occasion appeared in his mind.

“Time to get going,” he said softly to no one.

He quickly extinguished all of the lights except for the one in the front room window of the small cabin and then placed his hat, with a small LED headlight attached, upon his head. He flipped the lamp over to its red-light setting. It cast a dim light, barely enough to see by, but it would help his night vision when he went outside. The red light would also be almost undetectable from a distance unless the observer looked straight into the light.

He walked into the back bedroom, and grabbed his .45 from the small nightstand next to his bed. It was a standard XD that he had put at least 1,000 rounds through over the last couple of years, but had rarely shot recently. Ammunition for the gun had become too expensive for a while, and then after the government gun ban, it had become impossible to find.

He had come to like the XD a lot. It was almost as good as his H&K Tactical .45 he kept in his “D”-bag below the foot of his bed. The H&K was bigger, and could be fitted with the silencer which he had, but it made it a little too long and just a little too heavy for the task at hand. Although a lot more expensive, and thought by most to be a better, more accurate gun, Jared had come to prefer the shorter XD with its four-inch barrel for a personal defensive weapon.

The accuracy of the XD was just what he needed, except for a possible long-distance shot. It was always reliable and felt good in his hand. As he picked it up, he instinctively popped the magazine, checking to see that it was still full of the 12 rounds, while also making sure a round was chambered.

He slipped off the safety while reaching over to a nail stuck in the wall above where the gun had been and picked up his belt. Sliding the gun into the holster and feeling the quick-release catch click, he buckled the webbed belt and gun on. He had gone through this process so many times that now he did it with the smooth and automatic motion of experience.




In 1995 Roger K. Young's first book “AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT” became an instant LDS best seller, selling over 9,000 copies the first year it was publicly printed, being advertised primarily by word of mouth. This is something of a modern day miracle in LDS publishing in that brother Young was an unknown author (ie. not a General Authority, nor a BYU professor, nor a CES lecture personality) and his book was not published or promoted by an established LDS publisher. However, in 1996 it was one of the few non-Deseret published books honored as a Deseret Book Club book-of-the-month selection. “AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT” continues to be the # 1 selling LDS book on the events of the last days, being highly recommended by Church members and leaders alike.

Building on the imense popularity of “AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT” , brother Young has since written seven additional books, each becoming in its turn, best sellers. His books (over 100,000 copies) are in demand all over the world, being sold in North America, Europe, Australia, South and Central America, even though they are still only printed in English. The State of Utah has also made an abbreviated audio version of “AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT” for use in its blind program.

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