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Best Sellers in Special Item: SILVER COIN
2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Gold Proof Single)
Leatherette box
2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 250 coins)
2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 500 coins)
2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 1,000 coins)
Wooden Box

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Special Item: SILVER COIN
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Special Item: SILVER COIN
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(LDS Coin, Mormon Coin, LDS Silver Coin, Mormon Silver Coin, LDS Gold Coin, LDS Silver Coin, Mormon Money.)
(Tent City Coin, AVOW Coin, Preparedness Coin, 1oz Silver Trader)

During the fall of 2007 the members of the AVOW (Another Voice of Warning) preparedness forums designed a custom silver coin that reflected our beleifs as members of our church. This resulted in two coins being minted for us. The first was a 1 ounce 99.999% pure silver. The second was the same coin but with the addition of a 24k Gold Plating over selected portions of the the silver. While the silver coins were everything we had hoped they would be, the gold coins turned out to be simply stunning. Both of these coins are now available here in the AVOW store for purchase.. They can be for gifts or as a way to stock up on some Silver Bullion as a hedge against uncertain times in the future.

These coins are intended to be part of your overall preparedness plan, and allow you to set aside some money for true emergencies.

Please click on the image of the coin to get a DETAILED explanation of the inscription, a HIGH RES photo of the actual coin.

Some Really Important Notes about buying these coins!!

1st : This is a special order Group Buy item.
These coins are NOT in stock, and are a custom order non-stock item.
In order to get these prices on silver coins, you are placing your order in advance, to be part of a custom mint run on these limited edition coins.
When all of the orders have been assembled, the mint will strike all of our coins at once, and then upon delivery, we will begin shipping them to our customers.

2nd : On all coin orders, please use PRIORITY MAIL-INSURED for delivery.
If you fail to select this shipping method, your coins will NOT be shipped until this has been corrected.
No coins will be shipped without insurence.

3rd : All coin orders must be fully-prepaid and are non-refundable.

4th : Please DO NOT order any other items with these coins.
The coins are a non-stock item, and will not be shipped with any other merchandise when they arrive.

5th : As a request, if at all possible, PLEASE PAY BY CHECK rather than by credit card for all silver bullion coin orders.

6th : The price of the bulk bullion coins reflects the following discounts from the base price of a single coin.
The more you order, the less they cost.

  • 100 Coins = -$0.25 per coin
    250 Coins = -$0.50 per coin
    500 Coins = -$0.75 per coin
    1,000 Coins = -$1.00 per coin


2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Gold Proof Single)
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2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 250 coins)
Quantity in Basket: none

2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 500 coins)
Quantity in Basket: none

2014 Captain Moroni Silver Coin, (Bullion, 1,000 coins)
Quantity in Basket: none

Leatherette box
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Wooden Box
Quantity in Basket: none

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