No one knows when the second coming of Jesus Christ will be.

It really doesn't matter anyway...It is my humble opinion that unless we prepare for those events that precede the Savior’s coming, we will needlessly suffer greatly and subsequently perish...thus, we won't be around to greet Him anyway. We have been commanded many times to look for the signs of His coming and to prepare as we have been counseled again and again and again.

My personal study has lead me to believe that there is a sequence of these events that lead up to the Second Coming of the Savior, outlined in the scriptures. Our books and lectures are to present the information concerning this sequence of events so that people can consider the evidence for themselves and make their own decisions. My belief is that the Second Coming of the Savior is much closer than most people realize and that we are on the verge of radical changes in our society.

My ultimate message is to add my voice to the sounding chorus and to encourage everyone who will listen, to start immediately to prepare for the events that precede (by perhaps many years) the actual 2nd coming of Jesus Christ which have been prophesied about.


The profits generated on this site go toward publishing books, maintaining the AVOW / RKY Forums, hosting seminars and preparedness fairs. All that we do is done on behalf of our fellow Saints that more might be ready for the coming trials and tribulations.. We know you have a choice where you choose to shop for these select items and we greatly appreciate you making your purchases here!!