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ZION, The Holy City of New Jerusalem.

ZION, The Holy City of New Jerusalem.Quantity in Basket:none
Code: ZION


ZION, The Holy City of New Jerusalem, The Temple City of Light,
ISBN# 0-9664972-2-3
206 pages, September 2000

(Available as a reprint only, white cover with blank ink, not as shown on original cover)

Scriptures, Apostolic quotes and other inspired references concerning Zion, the New Jerusalem, the Zion of Enoch, Jerusalem, the Gathering and the Law of Consecration.

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.
A brief guide & history to Zion, the City of Enoch, Old Jerusalem, and Mount Zion.
Zion, The City of Enoch

Chapter 3.
Old Jerusalem, Chosen City of the Lord.
Part 1, Salem, city of Melchizedek
Part 2, Jerusalem, a wicked Jebusite city.
Part 3, Jerusalem, capitol of Israel and Judah
Part 4, The times of the Gentiles.
Part 5, The return of the Jews, the Cleansing of Jerusalem.
Part 6, Jerusalem after the Second Coming, (who will build the Temple in Jerusalem)
Mount Zion and Saviors on Mount Zion.

Chapter 4.
The restoration of all things during the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.

Chapter 5.
The principle and doctrine of The Gathering.
The fundamental principle of the gathering, gathering to Christ and the Father.
Second doctrine of the gathering, Gathering for Perfection.
Third doctrine of the gathering, Gathering for Safety.
Fourth doctrine of the gathering, Gathering to special lands of promise.
..The land of Canan, first promised land of the children of Israel.
..The gathering to the second land of promise (America)
....By the descendants of Joseph.
....Gathering of remnant of Jacob currently underway.

Chapter 6.
Zion, The City of New Jerusalem.
Holy Ground, the location of New Jerusalem.
What makes Independence, Jackson County, Missouri so special?

Chapter 7.
Laying the Foundation.

Chapter 8.
What is a Zion Society?
The first fundamental law of Zion, becoming pure in heart through obedience.
The second fundamental law of Zion, The law of Consecration.
..The law of consecration, how it worked.
..The eternal law of Tithing.
..When do we return to living the law of consecration?
The third fundamental law of Zion, Becoming united as one with God.
Zion, ultimately, a group whose calling and election has been made sure.
Other Laws of Zion.
..Only those with recommends will be called to go to Zion.
In summary.

Chapter 9.
The glory of Zion, The City of New Jerusalem.
The inspired, glorious construction fo the city.
Living in the city of Zion.
Science, Technology, and Education in Zion.
A city of Temples.
The city plat of Zion.

Chapter 10.
Returning to establish Zion, the City of New Jerusalem.
Event Summary.
The redeeming of sacred ground by the army of the Lord.
Let all things be prepared, gathering to the center stake.

The doctrine of Translation
Consecration, by Orson Pratt.
Orson Pratt, Establishing Zion talk.
Joseph Smiths instructions for the city plat of Zion and the Temple.


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