Dreams and Visions: Volume 3

Dreams and Visions: Volume 3

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Dreams, Visions and Testimonies.
Author: Christopher Parrett
Publication Date: April 2014, 1st Edition, 1st printing
Format: 8.5 x 11, Perfect Bound, 296 Pages
Photos / Illustrations: 1

Dreams, Visions and Testimonies of the Last Days, Volume III.

A compilation of recent dreams and visions of the events of the last days, particularly the gathering of the Saints to Cities of Light and Places of Refuge.



WE HAVE BEEN TOLD REPEATEDLY by Prophets and Apostles for over 100 years to prepare for sudden and often unexpected calamities that will happen many years before the actual return of the Savior. They have warned us about an approaching and sudden famine in America that will last at least a full year, accompanied by a sudden dissolution of society and government, as we currently know it.

In the scriptures, three wars are described during the last days (the 3 great Woes):
a strange small 5 month war, a devastating 13 month world war, (which is particularly severe in America and the other Gentile nations) and the final 3 ½ year Armageddon war in Israel that precede the actual 2nd Coming of the Savior.

Is it actually possible to know MORE about what may be coming in the near future?
Perhaps together we can add a few more details about some of the surrounding events that lead up to this prophesied time of chaos and darkness. Such knowledge would certainly help us to better prepare for what is coming, and perhaps even give us some real insight into the very nature of what is coming.

President Hinckley, in 2001 General Conference, quoted Joel’s prophecy saying it had been fulfilled: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.”

In this book, LDS author Christopher M. Parrett (The LDS Preparedness Manual & Dreams, Visions and Testimonies II) presses forward with the ground breaking work laid down by Roger K. Young in his original book (Dreams & Visions) by assembling even more of the dreams and visions the Saints are currently having, and have had over the last several years, that continue to confirm the words of the Prophets and Apostles. Children, teenagers, mothers and fathers are experiencing the prophesied gifts of Joel on a daily basis. Most concern themselves with what events are coming in the very near future and have already started to unfold. We invite you to review what many of your friends, neighbors and fellow Saints are seeing as possible fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy to compare them with what Prophets and Apostles have already described, and see if there is anything of importance for you and your family.

Over the past 25 years as I have lectured on the events of the last days and preparing for them, a lot of people have shared with me their dreams and visions. After the publication of the first small collection of those dreams and visions, the result of an assignment from Cleon Skousen, I was inundated by even more dreams and visions by people who wanted to share. There were so many that I started a website to make it easier for the sharing. The website was called�ANOTHER VOICE OF WARNING, a take on the name of the first Church pamphlet written by Parley P. Pratt. (A Voice Of Warning). The website is now known as www.LDSAVOW.com. My good friend, Christopher Parrett, the author/compiler of this volume III, took over the website a few years ago and it has since become the largest LDS website in the world that is not sponsored by the Church.

Though there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different topics discussed, the heart of the website is still the sharing and discussion of personal dreams and visions on a daily basis. This Dreams and Visions and Testimonies volume III is another collection of those dreams and visions. To those involved, this volume is another witness and testimony of the prophecy of Joel concerning the last days� �Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.�

Again� these dreams and visions and their possible interpretations, are primarily for the personal benefit of those who have had them, and may, or, may not have any relevance to others. However, religious history is replete with examples of ordinary people who had dreams/visions of things that had extreme importance to others. Sometimes many, many others. My personal thought is that if several people in my neighborhood were all having dreams or visions about a forthcoming earthquake that devastated our neighborhood� I would like to know about it so that I could make it a matter of prayer if such an event might be of some concern for my family.That is the purpose of this book.

Always, before doing anything else, we must first hold fast to the iron rod of the scriptures, giving obedience to gospel principles & ordinances, and give obedience to those who have been placed in priesthood authority over us. We must listen to and follow the counsel of living prophets and Apostles, and learn to listen to the voice of the spirit of the Holy Ghost. As King Benjamin said: We must yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and put off the natural man and become a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and become as a child , submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon us, even as a child doth submit to his father. The Lord has commanded, �that every man should take righteousness in his hands and faithfulness upon his loins, and lift a warning voice unto the inhabitants of the earth; and declare both by word and by flight that desolation shall come upon the wicked.� This book is a small effort to fulfill this solemn commandment and I am truly grateful for the efforts that Christopher and many others have put forth in it�s production.

Roger K. Young


Table of Contents

Prophetic Quotes
Team Acknowlegment
Giving Thanks
Mission Statement
Reflecting on the Purpose of this Web Site
Dreams & Visions: Tent Cities
A Sense of Fear and Panic ?
Teaching Preparedness: ADVICE FROM THE BRETHREN
Speculation and Timelines
Controversy Surrounding this Site
WARNING: The Stewardship of Dreams and Visions.

Book One: Dreams and Visions

Chapter 1: General Warnings

1.1 Mark of the Beast/Hittin� the Road
1.2 Dreams I�ve had about Gathering, a sickness, poisoned water
1.3 Tsunami dream
1.4 Dreams of Preparing... Husband and Wife
1.5 Sunday Dream.
1.6 Two suns over L.A.
1.7 A series of dreams ... (Nuclear Bombs and Geysers)
1.8 �Dissolution� and �Joshua�
1.9 Tyler, Texas elementary school dream
1.10 Three dreams in the same night
1.11 My �Sinking Ship� Dream
1.12 Dream of what�s coming
1.13 Two dreams from my children
1.14 The Hidden Danger I was shown
1.15 Warning visit from deceased MIL early this morning
1.16 Personal Message From Christ
1.17 Things Will NOT Be Getting Better
1.18 A dream my mother had, connected to an executive order issued by Obama
1.19 A dream of persecution - a warning of things to come
1.20 Pacific Northwest Evacuation Dream
1.21 �Gathering� in Center Place dream
1.22 Recent rise in dreams...
1.23 Recent dream this weekend
1.24 Update on my vision
1.25 Families with Disabled Member(s)--Warning Dream
1.26 It�s coming fast
1.27 Dream about RFID Chips - Kind of Scary!
1.28 The Garden of Eden Dream

Chapter 2: Warnings of War
2.1 My re-occurring dream
2.2 A dream of protection from nuclear fire
2.3 Son�s nuclear war dream!
2.4 Troubled times soon
2.5 Many dreams ...
2.6 My Dream
2.7 Russian invasion dream
2.8 Dream of attack on America
2.9 Two dreams of nuclear attack
2.10 My son�s dream of Chinese occupation and concentration camps
2.11 Dreams and spiritual impressions of famine and war
2.12 Dream of soldiers
2.13 Dream about Hill Air Force Base
2.14 Just had a Russian invasion dream
2.15 Two Dreams about Destruction
2.16 WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised
2.17 Small-town invasion dream
2.18 My dream of a hospital under attack
2.19 My dream of nuclear attack on Salt Lake City
2.20 My first post in here
2.21 �We trembled before them, but soon we were overcome by the spirit�
2.22 Dream of an ambush on mountain road
2.23 Dream of Russian/Chinese/Others in Los Angeles and Chicago
2.24 Setting At Defiance
2.25 Dream of Escape from a Prison Rock Quarry
2.26 My Story and Gratitude for you all
2.27 Falling like rain
2.28 My dream of planes falling from the sky
2.29 Three dreams: Martial Law/Nuclear Fallout/Asian Invasion
2.30 Dream of unexpected nuclear destruction
2.31 My strange dream
2.32 Dream rich in symbolism and a rough timeline
2.33 A dream of warning. Get out of debt! Teach the teens!
2.34 Dreams of an everyday housewife
2.35 Dream and Vision, Australia invaded by China
2.36 Waking Dream...Impressions of China
2.37 Dreams of the future, two nights running
2.38 EMP & G*O*O*D
2.39 My husband went to a business lunch, but they didn�t talk about business
2.40 Dream of simultaneous explosions
2.41 Dream by Native American woman
2.42 Dreams of a Non-Member
2.43 A dream with MUCH meaning

Chapter 3: Warnings of Plagues and Disasters
3.1 Earthquake dreams
3.2 Famine?
3.3 Ye shall not fear...
3.4 Wasatch Front earthquake dream
3.5 My wife had a powerful dream of an earthquake along the Wasatch Front
3.6 I saw illness and future persecution of the Church
3.7 Tidal Wave Dream
3.8 Dreams about Perth, Australia
3.9 Tornado Dream
3.10 A Great Storm is Coming Soon
3.11 My 4-year-old son�s �vision�
3.12 The Straw That Breaks The Camel�s (or the USA�s) Back
3.13 Volcano Erupts at Lake Tahoe & Other Dreams
3.14 Dreams of Natural Disaster and Rescue
3.15 Visions of coming destruction
3.16 Another witness: Dream of a great earthquake in Utah

Chapter 4: Gathering to Tent Cities
4.1 Leaving it all behind
4.2 My Dream About the Call Out - �Half Go Back�
4.3 My tent encampment dream
4.4 Dream of a tent city expedition
4.5 Son�s dreams...
4.6 Heber City and a Vision
4.7 Tent City of Light
4.8 My friend will be there - Camping in the Mountains!
4.9 Tent City Weather
4.10 Dream of a gathering point, possible East Coast callout
4.11 A Rescue Mission from a Teenage Boy
4.12 Daughter�s Dream of Callout
4.13 Dreams of Gathering to a Refuge
4.14 Woman in Ward gave permission for Callout Dream
4.15 Home Attacked, Children Abandoned, Tent City and Tithing
4.16 Powerful dream
4.17 A Vision in the Trees
4.18 Mission to prepare gathering places
4.19 Dream of Child being taking to FEMA camp for Re-Education
4.20 Dream of near future?
4.21 My Tent City Dream
4.22 I needed a trailer in my dream
4.23 My dream of what will take place in the last days
4.24 Dream of final preparations for the tent cities
4.25 Two dreams dealing with a callout
4.26 Sister�s dream of Oceanside, Calif. to Idaho
4.27 Finally got permission to post this vision
4.28 Stars falling from the skies
4.29 A Bishop Receives A Callout Dream
4.30 Family Camp/ Tent City Dream
4.31 My Husband�s Dream of High Council Meeting
4.32 There�s more to being prepared than just having stuff
4.33 I usually don�t remember my dreams
4.34 My 9-year-old�s dream of the call-out
4.35 A Call Out Dream by a Non-Member
4.36 I was shown what I will be doing in tent city!
4.37 My 12-year-old son had a dream last night that he wanted me share
4.38 Dream about the location of THE place of safety
4.39 A Series of Tent City Dreams

Chapter 5: The Protecting Hand of the Lord
5.1 I have prepared - I won�t have to participate in the frenzy
5.2 A young Elder�s dreams
5.3 Warning about turbulent times coming
5.4 Dream of Hunger in the Midst of Plenty
5.5 Dream of Protecting Church Buildings
5.6 The Whole Armour of God
5.7 Dream: A visit from Elder Nelson
5.8 Surviving Tornadoes By Faith
5.9 Most vivid account I�ve experienced
5.10 Dream of Terrible Darkness
5.11 A vivid dream I had about 3 weeks ago
5.12 My Dream of How Priesthood Authority Will Save Lives

Chapter 6: Those Who Don�t Heed the Call
6.1 My brother�s dream last night of Utah
6.2 Visions of Las Vegas
6.3 Things would happen on the 22nd
6.4 Daughter�s dream of Pocatello, Russians and three very large men
6.5 Fleeing to Utah
6.6 I was awakened last night by two dreams
6.7 Lady in my ward had a dream last night and wanted to share it with you
6.8 My daughter�s dream of tribulation and desolation
6.9 Two St. George Area dreams
6.10 My friend had a dream of fleeing Calgary
6.11 A dream of invasion
6.12 My vivid dream
6.13 Not worthy to receive the revelation to gather
6.14 Dream of New World Order and coming tribulation
6.15 Non-member dream of bank closures
6.16 A Dream and a Vision

Chapter 7: Inspirations and Revelations
7.1 Dream Regarding Patriarchal Blessing
7.2 �We�re going to Missouri!�
7.3 My Very First Dream of Future Events
7.4 Return of the 10 Tribes
7.5 My Recent Dream of Things to Come
7.6 It is Beginning
7.7 New Dream
7.8 The adversary is against our preparations
7.9 Parable Dreams?
7.10 Dream of an Unexpected Dilemma
7.11 Military Search and Seed
7.12 The Second Coming is Close- Don�t Quit Now!
7.13 Dream of Family in our house
7.14 My vision and call for Zion
7.15 Tent City dying

Chapter 8: Summary Dreams
8.1 Powerful Dreams of the Near-Future /Call-Out

Book Two: Testimonials

A. Temporal Preparations

A.1 Of course there is going to be a callout!
A.2 This concept is a no-brainer
A.3 The scriptures have numerous examples
A.4 A firm testimony of this principle
A.5 Being called out to the Tent Cities
A.6 I have been watching for the signs of the Second Coming
A.7 I believe Christ will come in my lifetime
A.8 I am very committed to tent cities
A.9 The Lord works in mysterious ways
A.10 We are headed for some very serious times
A.11 We need to be prepared
A.12 We were totally overwhelmed with the Spirit to get moving!
A.13 We have been prompted to get more food storage
A.14 We have redirected our plans from bugging in to bugging out
A.15 I have believed it from the first time I heard of it
A.16 I felt an overwhelming prompting that I needed to prepare
A.17 How the Lord brought me to this place
A.18 I have made an interesting journey

B. Spiritual Preparations
B.1 A confirmation from the Lord Himself
B.2 A long-term serious commitment
B.3 I am committed, 110 percent
B.4 Prompted to get our lives in better order
B.5 At first, the idea was a bit shocking
B.6 I have since apologized and repented!
B.7 Apostle�s talk ignited fire in my soul
B.8 The Saints will need to gather together for safety
B.9 I do have a long-term serious interest
B.10 It seemed bizarre to me at first
B.11 Being called out to a place of safety is the Lord�s pattern
B.12 I have been getting ready to �move� to a tent
B.13 It immediately resonated with me
B.14 I was floored by the sheer number of dreams
B.15 Even though it was new to me, it sounded right
B.16 I began to have strong spiritual impressions
B.17 Preparing for what Father has in store for us next

C. Tent Cities and Places of Refuge

C.1 I had a spiritual awakening
C.2 A spicy topic
C.3 We are convinced there will be callouts
C.4 A major part of our lives
C.5 We will go to a place of refuge here in Colorado
C.6 World events in 2004 started my waking process
C.7 We started about 40 years ago
C.8 This is how it�s all going to happen
C.9 My belief in a call-out began as a child
C.10 I had a fervent testimony of the Lord�s commandments
C.11 The Lord opened my eyes
C.12 I have always felt I would be walking to an area of safety
C.13 We have been concerned about the future state of our country

D. Scriptures
D.1 To �pull a Lehi� as it were
D.2 Serious, committed and interested!
D.3 A whole new area of understanding
D.4 Places of refuge will be critical for
D.5 There doesn�t seem to be another waysurvival
D.6 The call out is a certainty
D.7 I fully expect there will be a call-out
D.8 We must gather to Zion


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