The Way of Aloha: Moloka'I

The Way of Aloha: Moloka'I

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Volume II in "The Way of Aloha" Series.

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After two decades of separation, Manu and Elder Taylor are reunited on the beautiful island of Moloka‘i. As you visit the sacred places of Hālawa Valley, Kapuaiwa Royal Coconut Grove, and Kamakou Rain Forest, you’ll learn truths about Aloha, slowing down, guardian angels, simplicity, and connecting with your creator. At locations throughout the leper colony of Kalaupapa, you’ll be taught how to minister like the Lord Jesus Christ. This book will transport you to a tropical paradise to be touched by the light and love that radiates from the people and places of Moloka‘i.


The Way of Aloha: Molokai
Chapter-By-Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 1: Aloha
Manu calls Cameron Taylor to invite him to come with him to Moloka‘i to put together a book on the people and places of the island for 107-year-old Naniwaiwai.

Chapter 2: Kuleana
A kuleana is an errand from the Lord to do something good—to do something to make the world a better place. Kuleana is an action word meaning to take responsibility that can be described as something you were foreordained to do—a mission, a calling.

Chapter 3: Asking for Permission
Asking permission is a very important practice of Aloha. All creations are filled with ha (breath of life) and mana (spiritual power). The rocks, the trees, the birds are all alive and all can speak. It’s very important to request permission before using something or visiting a place.

Chapter 4: Rubbing Shoulders with Christ

Cameron learns about the ceremony “Rubbing Shoulders with the Brethren” from President Fehoko while at the Salt Lake City airport.

Chapter 5: Slow Down
Cameron in met at the Moloka‘i airport by Manu. Manu teaches Cameron important truths about simplicity. A step to a simpler life isn’t a step backward. It’s a giant step toward a life of peace and joy.

Chapter 6: Hālawa Valley

Manu and Cameron arrive at the home of Naniwaiwai in Hālawa Valley. Cameron learns about the Honi greeting which is the joyful sharing of life and Aloha.

Chapter 7: Dinner with Naniwaiwai
Naniwaiwai and Manu teach Cameron about the importance of connection. You need to connect with others every day to maintain your humanity. Our world is dying because many have forgotten how to connect with each other.

Chapter 8: The Profound Principles of Poi

Naniwaiwai teaches Cameron how to make poi and teach him about ohana, kupuna, pono, piko, and na‘au.

Chapter 9: Hālawa Bay
Manu takes Cameron to Hālawa Bay and teaches him about the first people to arrive on Moloka‘i. The early inhabitants of Moloka‘i were spiritual giants whose power didn’t come by the sword or the spear but by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapter 10: ‘Aumākua

‘Aumākua are personal guiding spirits, family ancestors—your guardian angels. Your ‘aumākua are always at your side. Every person has many family ‘aumākua they can call upon for aid, but few people know how to work with their ‘aumākua. They are there to help protect you and your family, to give you wisdom and vision to move successfully through life.

Chapter 11: Mo‘oula Falls
Manu takes Cameron to Mo‘oula Falls and teaches him about the healing power of nature. Your body needs to walk barefoot on the grass and the beach. Your body needs to swim in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Your hands need to touch and embrace the earth. When you are touched by nature, you are touched by God, and there’s healing power in God’s touch.

Chapter 12: Hike to Mountain Heiau

Cameron is taken to an ancient temple at the top of a high mountain.

Chapter 13: You Can Do All Things
While at the temple, Cameron is taught about how mana (spiritual power) is used to move objects.

Chapter 14: Mana

Manu and Naniwaiwai teach Cameron how mana (spiritual power) is stored in physical items.

Chapter 15: Kapuaiwa Royal Coconut Grove
Manu takes Cameron to a spring at the center of a grove of a thousand coconut trees to teach him about living water.

Chapter 16: Kamakou Mountain

On a visit to the rain forest, Naniwaiwai and Manu teach Cameron why many members and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not recognize Jesus at His Second Coming.

Chapter 17: Kalaupapa
Manu and Cameron ride mules down the largest sea cliffs in the world to the small isolated peninsula of Kalaupapa which was a leper colony from 1866 to 1969.

Chapter 18: The Pū Hala Tree
Chapter 19: The Cove at Kalawao
Chapter 20: Saint Philomena Church
Chapter 21: Kalaupapa Bookstore
Chapter 22: Monuments
In chapters 18 to 22, Uncle Buzzy teaches Manu and Cameron about Father Damien’s ministry to those suffering from leprosy.

Chapter 23: Family Reunion
Manu and Cameron attend Naniwaiwai’s family reunion.

Chapter 24: Flight Home
Hawai‘i will change you if you will let it.

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